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  1. I actually tweeted to him. He answered and said he had no idea. 🤔
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've looked at the Campari Around the World page many times to figure things out. 🙂 The back label does not list any ingredients, so I don't know. Would E120 be considered an artificial ingredient anyway?
  3. Hi there, I wanted to see if anyone here is knowledgeable about vintage Campari. I recently came across some bottles from the 1980s. On the label it mentions artificial coloring. This is in Italian, so it says "artificialmente" but I'm pretty sure that's what it's referring to. See the photo. I'm well aware that cochineal was removed from their US production, but much later in 2006. Why would an old label say this? Salud, LB
  4. Hey Folks, Looking forward to some digging into the forums. I found this through searches related to vintage Campari bottles. See you in the alcohol aisle
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