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  1. That, by the way, was also a joke. Since it may not be obvious.
  2. I'm a little unclear about how to best incorporate the soap into the ice cream. Would I need extra thickener? How long should I cook it?
  3. I'd be interested in your thoughts about best methods for using lavender.
  4. Regarding the discussion about mint, I tend to prefer spearmint to peppermint when I have the choice in hard candies, but what I've read suggests that the mint flavoring used in home cooking seems to almost always be peppermint. And yet, most of the baked goods (both home-made and commercial) that incorporate a mint flavor don't seem to have the sharpness that I dislike in peppermint hard candies. So is there something about including peppermint in other flavors that ameliorates its sharpness, or are people using a non-peppermint mint? And what about the mint plants I can get from
  5. Thanks, Teo. I'll try that as well. Because of the lower viscosity of butter vs. sugar syrup or chocolate, it would seem perhaps a bit easier than the sugar or chocolate approach, and also suggests I could get results with possibly fewer added calories (I know, I know, this is ice cream - probably shouldn't focus too much on calories).
  6. Thanks. I'll try it, starting with the sugar syrup, since that would leave the flavor profile open, allowing me to add flavor to the crunchy bits.
  7. I've recently begun experimenting with home-made ice creams, beginning with recipe's from Jenni Britton Bauer's book and more recently branching out into some no-churn recipes. One thing I'd like to be able to do is to use an add-in that provides a good sharp crunch when the ice cream is eaten. I'm looking for something that is a fairly small particle size, say 1/8 to 3/8 inch diameter, and something that I can add to the ice cream either during churning for a churned ice cream or before freezing in a no-churn recipe. The trick is finding something that will not become soft or soggy as a resul
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