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  1. I'm sure others are better with words than I am, but yes they're just barely firmer than a custard inside with a crispy, slightly sweet and fragrant shell. The combination is heavenly, as you can guess from 18 years of posts on this thread 😁
  2. Success! This time I didn't prewarm the molds, just coated them at room temp (80ish today), let the wax mixture sit for about 20 sec before dumping it out. Then I chilled in the freezer for about 10 min to set the wax, but brought back to room temp before filling. Thanks again @RandomCrap for pointing me in the right direction! Can't wait for my bedtime snack tonight. Mike
  3. Nope, seems the white spots are even worse this time when I heated the molds and wax mixture even hotter before coating. As @RandomCrap suggested, I'll try the next batch with a thicker layer. This series of pictures is as-filled, after 10 min at 500F, then after 20 min at 425F, then after another 20 min at 425F. The 2 in the front row of the final picture were molds that I prepped later, so they sat a few extra min after I prewarmed them in the oven before I poured the wax mixture in, so they would have been a little cooler. Mike
  4. Non-convection. I place the copper molds on a standard aluminum sheet pan (no fancy ridges or nonstick coating or anything), with a piece of foil in it to make cleanup easier. Then the sheet pan goes on the stone. Mike
  5. I bake for 10 min at 500F on a baking stone (rotating after 5 min), then 40-45 min at 425F (rotating every 10 min). btw I'm using this recipe, which I haven't seen mentioned on this thread yet. It takes a similar approach to Paula's in that the butter is blended with the sugar and flour before adding the hot milk and eggs. Mike
  6. You're right - I didn't have any problem mushrooming - I filled each mold w/ 70g batter, and they rose just up to the top, with the center bulging slightly upwards, but the edges not going past the mold, so that's not the problem. I had assumed I had too much lubrication, hadn't considered that I might have too little. They did just slip right out of the molds when I flipped them upside down (didn't even really have to tap them), which I would think wouldn't be the case if I didn't have enough coating. This is interesting, and the first explanation I've been
  7. I recently had beginners luck... Copper molds from Bordeaux (a little over $10 each plus shipping for a dozen on etsy), clarified butter and beeswax, didn't freeze the molds (seemed counterintuitive if I want to get them as hot as possible as fast as possible). I baked them on an aluminum sheet pan on a pizza stone 500F for 10 min then 425F for 40, rotating regularly. They were perfect. Then a week later I followed what I thought was the identical process, but nope... Almost every one had a large white portion on top (but still delicious). I'm thinking I must not have gotten the mo
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