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  1. Thank you all for you answers 💛 so I can add more dextrose instead od sucrose. I think that what I will do. Will reduce amount of sugars as well and add around 9 g of skimmed milk powder. But what with pac then ? What is your desired pac number? I have my freezer in around -19 C . If I will make those changes and have less sugars, my relative sweetness would be around 13 and pac 24.5. Is it ok? The more I know, the more chaos I have in my head. 😱
  2. HI, I'm trying to learn about how to make an ice cream from books and websites but sometimes I'm feeling overwhelmed so I decided I will try to ask you. What is your desired relative sweetness? I was making vanilla ice cream from "Hello, my name is ice cream" and I found them super sweet. When David Lebovitz is using 150 g sucrose, here we have 150 g sucrose and 50 g glucose. How I could change it? I'm afraid that if I will use less sugar, the texture wouldn't be the same. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe add some skimmed milk instead of some part of sugar? Or add more dextrose instead?
  3. I mean a fresh raw milk of course 🐄
  4. Hi everyone, Thank you for your help. 💛 I bought a nice 30%cream and found amazing fresh milk direct from the cow farm. I just don't really know what to do now. Do you have any experience with fresh milk? Should I pasteurize it in 65°C for half an hour before using it in my ice cream mixture? Or maybe I should just make the mixture as usual and pasteurize already with eggs ? I would like to make gelado according to Corvitto recepies.
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to ask you for advice. I'm just starting my ice cream adventure and I found it really challenging when it's going about cream. According to many books and websites, the amount of fat suppose to be 35-40% or higher. In Portugal when I'm living right now, the 35% cream is always with stabiliser and not on the cold section. All of them are UHT. The one not UHT are 30% and are much less solid but I found them more tasty. What should I use for better ice cream? Should I stay with 35% or maybe use 30% and use less milk instead? What kind of cream are you using?
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