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  1. Agree completely - especially as I'm 6'4" The alternative is a Rangetop with drawers underneath (that I still have to bend over to get too), and an Electric Wall Oven. If I do go with a 2nd Wall Oven, then at least I'd choose a Miele to go with the Miele Steam oven. I'm assuming the Miele would be more efficient in terms of heat up time than an older electric stove. But at 24" it will still be limiting for when I want/need to use larger sheets, etc. Hence the compromise of the 36" Hestan Range as opposed to Rangetop
  2. OP here. Thank you all for your comments. The only good quality 24" gas wall oven is BlueStar, but that needs to be mounted 7" away from the nearest wall, so not an option for me. Instead I'll use the wall space for pot/pan storage, and buy a 36" Hestan Range with gas oven instead of the planned 36" Hestan Rangetop. I probably wont use the Range's oven as much, and dont really want to give up the pot/pan storage under the stove, but I figure I can keep our woks in the oven and the rest of the pots/pans elsewhere without too much trouble.
  3. Remodeling our kitchen and love to cook. We use our ovens mostly for cooking fish & meats, roasting vegetables, a tiny bit of bread and other baking. Main stove is rangetop rather than a range, so ovens need to be on the wall (which is better for my back so I don't have to bend over for the oven). Primary 24" wall oven will be a Miele Steam Oven (have been hearing nothing but good things about this oven and excited to have something that can steam a fish, then make the skin crispy at the end!) Would like to have a 2nd 24" wall oven for overflow, either when we need more space, or want to cook at different temperatures. The easiest thing would be to put in a Miele electric wall oven. But I've read/heard that gas is superior for everything with the exception of baking (bread, etc) as it keeps more moisture in the food. The only high quality 24" gas wall oven I could find is BlueStart. It has a 1850° Infrared Broiler which would be great for broiling. I know the Miele has a broiler, but as it is just an electric coil, I'm thinking that the BlueStar would be MUCH better for broiling. Is a gas oven (especially if it is our 2nd oven) that much better than a really good modern electric oven? If yes, any suggestions for which 24" gas wall oven? Any other 24" electric wall ovens that might have a better broiler than the Meile? Totally open to any suggestions. Thank you.
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