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  1. I used to have a customer that swore just marinated it in dale's for 15 minutes and cook just like bacon.
  2. southernsmoker

    Smoking Meat

    I kinda of cheat on smoking. I have a electric smoker. I think it is just easier plus it saves me from going outside so much too, it's really hot in Florida. Here is some baby backs I just did and wrote a article on.
  3. It wasn't tzadziki. The greenish sauce was a little chunky. the white and red were smooth. None of them where spicy I would remember that. It was 13 years ago so my memory on flavor isnt great. I will give this a shot next time thank you.
  4. Hello all, My first experience with sharwarma was in Moscow, Russia. I have been attempting to make it for years now with out actually using a vertical cooker. My last try I used smoked chicken thighs and it turned out quite good actually. My problem is still the sauce. It seems in the USA and online it is only a tahini yogurt sauce or a tzatziki sauce that is called for and used in shawarmas. In Russia it was always a white sauce, a greenish sauce and a red sauce. I cant seem to find any mention of this anywhere online. Does any one know what I am talking about? And have a name for these sauces.
  5. I have been in the meat industry for 15 years now. I enjoy cooking. I like to focus on smoking food and also Russian food.
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