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  1. Those scales actually look nice! And the Taylor scale has the proper resolution, so thank you for that, I'll have to see if I can find that here in EU. And to answer your question: nah, don't consider it a lab, especially in regards to looks, I just like precision. Agree, especially the Acaia is insanely expensive, and no, I really do not need any such things. I just need a scale that can weigh stuff, and that's really it. Do have a point in getting two different scales, one for small stuff, and one for general baking/cooking. I'll have to look into that.
  2. I know there already is a thread asking a similar question (https://forums.egullet.org/topic/137225-kitchen-scale-recommendations-2011–/), but instead of necroing that one, I thought it made more sense to create a new thread. Anyhoo, to get back on topic, I'm on the hunt for a new kitchen scale, and so far I've not really been successful in finding one that I really love, and I hope this forum could help me in finding a new one. My requirements are: 1: Minimum resolution of 0.1 g. 2: Minimum capacity of 2 kg. 3: Measure in g. 4: Replaceable battery and/or need to be plugged in to a socket to work, else I'll have to throw it out when the battery dies, and I don't want that. 5: Aesthetically pleasing to look at, which is obviously subjective. My old scale satisfied basically all of them, except the resolution part, resolution was only 1 g, which isn't really helpful when measuring spices and such. Currently I'm struggling with point 4 and 5, since a lot have started using non-replaceable litium-ion batteries, and others just look like they more belong in a lab than in a home kitchen. Current candidates are: Kern FOB-NS (https://www.kern-sohn.com/en/FOB-NS) - satisfies points 1-4, honestly this fits the bill, but it's really ugly. Can get it for around DKK928/€124/£107/$148. Timemore Black Mirror (https://en.timemore.com/taimochanpin/heijingdianzicheng/heijingbasicdianzicheng/) - satisfies points 1-3 and 5, it's relatively cheap and looks good. Can get it for around DKK545/€73/£62/$87. Acaia Pearl (https://eu.acaia.co/collections/coffee-scales/products/pearl?variant=39315672727663) - satisfies points 1-3 and 5, got a lot of useless crap, like smartphone connectivity, bloody expensive, but it looks utterly gorgeous! Can get it for around DKK1200/€158/£135/$187. Hario V60 scale (https://global.hario.com/seihin/productdetail.php?product=VSTN-2000B) - satisfies points 2-4, only satisfies point 1 if total weight is below 600g, and it looks utterly boring. Can get it for around DKK600/€80/£69/$95. Anyhoo, I hope someone in here might know of another scale that I've missed! Else I'll probably end up with either the Kern or the Timemore.
  3. Hello all! I'm a computer scientist from Denmark, and most of my life I've been fascinated by taste and scent, which makes for a nice balance to the digital world that I spend my working hours in. My main interest have been exploring the world of spirits (especially Scotch whisky), but in the last decade or so I've also started to explore different cuisines, especially Asian. Hope I can learn something in here, and be inspired to try new things.
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