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  1. I was ready though some old posts and came across some said using bread yeast to conditioning the bottled, it made me think that my first batch I need to buy another a pack of yeast, because the one that I got with the kit expired, I had some bread yeast in the fridge and thought crossed my mind like for 5 seconds, but didn't use.. Has anyone made beer with bread yeast? I don't think I ever would ever brew with it. just curious

  2. my cocktail bar has a pretty impressive collection of bitters and we're encouraged to play around with them in new drinks and whatnot. I'm a relatively new bartender so curious if there are any resources you guys would recommend to get up to speed with what pairs with what. Just looking for general guidelines to help guide my palate and become more confident when using them in cocktails. Prior to this I mostly played around with the basics (ango, peychaud's, regan's) so I'm overwhelmed by all the possibilities now, ha. Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, I’ve got a collection of decently fine wine, and my storage room/cellar will get up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit on really hot days. it drops down to 60-64@night after hot days, and will stay around just 60 during the summer on average as long as it does not get too hot.

    my question is if this will be a problem, since the temp only rises for a short time, I think the bottles stay around 60degrees?

    any advice or experience?

    thanks for your time.

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