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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your replies, I altered the recipe and have much better luck. I will try the cool mould idea and see if that improves things. Appreciate all your help. Neil
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. Im not even up tot he point of moulding the chocolate. This is literally, spraying the empty chocolate moulds with coloured cocoa butter. There is lots of cocoa butter coming out of the nozzell of the airbrush, but its as if there is very little colour in the mixture as it is translucent until it is pooling at the bottom of the mould. Maybe I need to add more colour to the cocoa butter, I dont really want to waste any more powder as i am running out. Thought it would be wise to ask before trying again. Thanks Neil
  3. Hi, Hoping someone can help. I have in the past used coloured white chocolate to coat moulds and I am now trying to use coloured cocoa butter. I have an airbrush and small compressor and have followed the usual guidance on coloured cocoa butter recipe but I am still having issues. I am using 5% coloured fat soluble powders to cocoa butter recipe and tempering, but once sprayed at around 31 degrees (airbrush and mould are both pre-warmed), the coat is very translucent, barely noticeable at all and some just puddles in the bottom of the mould. Im not sure if its my recipe, my airbrush or both. I cant really afford a big compressor and HVLP spray gun at present but really need to start producing coloured chocolates. Any pointers or guidance would be great. Thanks Neil
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