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  1. I tried a mint ice cream recipe that called for steeping mint leaves in the heated milk. It did not taste good; too earthy and not enough mint favor.
  2. That beer is delicious! One of my fav winter beers. Not sure how it will be in ice cream but it sounds good to me. Report back with how it tastes!
  3. I use a vacuum sealer for my vanilla beans and it does a fantastic job. I did add vanilla beans and extract to my two batches but apparently that wasn't enough for my wife. Ha! Could be lack of sweetness, so I'll increase sugar in my next go around.
  4. I made the vanilla again and this time the texture wasn’t grainy. I’m so puzzled as to what could have happened the first time. My only guess is that I somehow miss measured and ingredient. I tried ccp900’s suggestion on a second batch and went with no sugar and only dextrose and invert syrup. I also increased the guar gum and Xanthan b .1g on that batch. Surprisingly there isn’t a noticeable difference in texture or softness between the two. This is withe the freezer at 0F. Can I get it softer at that serving temperature without compromising flavor and texture? Wondering if I increase the m
  5. The recipe was both sandy in texture and still quite hard given my expectations and definitely not soft or easy to scoop. I hadn't thought about larger ice crystals at a lower freezing point. My freezer is set at 0 F except when i churn ice cream, the day before I lower it to -3 F so it freezes faster and then I move it back to 0 F after 24 hours. And full disclosure I haven't actually tested to see how accurate the freezer is. I think along with making the recipe again as I listed it, I'll increase the dextrose on the second batch. Maybe to 60-65 gram. Do you think I could also increase t
  6. Thanks for the additional input. I'm eager to try that recipe again to see the results. Paul - if you wanted to make the ice cream softer would you increase the sugar or the solids? CCP - I like your idea of increasing the cream and will probably do that in my next iteration while I remake the previous recipe. I'm intrigued by the whey powder suggestion.... i've thought about it often but never have tried it. I have it on hand for my protein shakes I take after working out and would like it if my ice cream had a higher protein content since I'm usually looking to increase my protein inta
  7. Thanks for the input Paula nd ccp900. CCP900, your comment about not enought water is what my gut reaction was. The ice cream does seem dry. I think I'll make it again and see if i get the same results to double check I didn't somehow weigh an ingredient incorrectly. Unfortunately I don't have any carragean otherwise I would try that. If I wanted to make the ice cream even softer what would you do? Increase the granulated sugar? The ice cream definitely wasn't too sweet. Increase both the sugar and dextrose, or maybe even the invert syrup? BTW, my freezer temp is set at 0 F
  8. That's insteresting because I feel like I just made some vanilla with a sandy/dry texture after increasing the milk solids. I'm working on a recipe for softer ice cream straight out of the freezer for my wife so I increased the nonfat milk solids and the dextrose expecting to increase the freezing point and have softer ice cream. The mix is below. Interested in anyone's thoughts on why the texture wasn't soft, but sandy/crumbly. Put the wet ingredients in a blender and mixed thouroughly, mixed the dry ingredients to dispurse the stabilizers and then added to the wet and blended thoroughly.
  9. Thanks CCP900! I've already read The Perfect Scoop but will add the other to my reading list. I am definitely in deep already, though I don't have a homogenizer or blast freezer. I appreiate Paul's expertise and insight and have enjoyed reading the information on his blog, so thank you Paul. I have a plethora of ingreadients for ice cream making and don't know I could add much to the cabinet other than Trehalose. As I mentioned before I enjoy tinkering with different recipes to see if I can make ice cream I already enjoy even better. Still working on the chocolate ice cream with peanut b
  10. Hi all, I'm a new member and have enjoyed reading this topic from the beginning. I love trying new and improved ways to make ice cream and my ultimate goal is to make a home made version of Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter ice cream (chocolate ice cream with peanut butter ribbon). I've nailed vanilla and still tinker with my recipe here and there. So now I've turned to chocolate peanut butter, but in many efforts haven't been able to produce anything I love yet. If anyone's willing, I'd appreciate any suggestions for a recipe. Here's what I have in my ice cream making ar
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