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    Malaysia has many varieties of food and there is no problem to what we want to eat. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Thailand, Korean and many more. Malaysia is a heaven for food. Furthermore, we have 24hours restaurants and one can have food anytime. But since MCO, things are different now. Operating hours for restaurants are till 8.00 pm or 10.00 pm and mostly take-away only. We hope for the best to happen soon, where things will be back to normal. Here is a recipe known as "Nasi Lemak" which is a Malay traditional food. This food is popularly available in any part of M
  2. I am a Malaysia Indian residing in Singapore. I love food and like cooking. I came up with my own fusion cooking using a bit of Indian, Chinese and Malay in my cooking. My idea is to have 99% of the traditional taste and cook with basic ingredients, as much as possible. I also like cooking with shortest time possible. Nowadays, everyone are busy and want to get things done fast. Looking forward to learn something new in this forum.
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