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  1. It is very hard for me too. I have gone with the option of making ALL the shells dark chocolate. You get a thin shell and then you fill it with whatever you want.
  2. Yes... Maybe I have to accept that I cannot do it without an airbrush:$ I will keep practicing with brushes and so on🥺😉 thanks:)
  3. Yes.... You definitely need space in the freezer to be cost efficient when preparing these entremets. I don't think her beginner class is worth the price, it is just my opinion after taking it. However, it is true that there are some small tips that are a game changer... But still too pricy for me 🧐🥴
  4. Well I made myself these entremets with her online beginner class. Then I took her hands on masterclass. So it is quite viable to make mirror glaze entreemts at home;) ^^ So I encourage you to keep trying, you will get there^^
  5. Hi everyone... I was trying to guess who the did this design... Any clue? With a stamp? A stencil? But how is supposed to reach that cavity? All thoughts are welcome...
  6. Hi everyone! I am new in the forum. I would like to ask you if you have any tool or trick to get even colour layers without using an airbrush. I have tried brushes and sponges but it is quite hard to get something even. I know the answer would be: buy an airbrush and a compressor, but at the time present I cannot get one. If you use any specific brush that makes more even colour layers I would appreciate if you post the picture of it (or from any other tool). Thanks in advance!:)
  7. Room temperature is crucial. You need 17-20Cº in the room so cocoa butter sets almost inmediately.
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