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  1. Yeah, I can totally agree with that. I've tried to produce a lot of different beverages, and maybe the only beverage I couldn't produce in its genuine taste - is cider, like from this cider gift set made by Crafty Nectar. Have you tried to brew cider on your own? Beer is too common and easy for now, after I've tried to brew cider.
  2. Yeah, pretty much like vegetable tart, or something like that. Talking of pies and baked goods, where do you guys order artisan bread, cookies, if you're ordering any? I've tried a lot of different stores, but Edelweiss store produces maybe the best german bakery fort lauderdale area - bread, cookies, challah rolls and bretzels, and deliver everything as fast as possible. I love such bakery stores, who possess themselves not just like an actual store of goods, but also as an online store, where you can order everything.
  3. Welcome to you Is that true, that different regions in Finland have their own favorite (special) meals?
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