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  1. I am actually after a collection of one offs vs sets; I dont know why but if glasses are the same I feel like the drinks in them, if served together, should be the same...
  2. Thank you for your insight, blue_dolphin! That's actually another question I have; any ideas for where to find vintage glassware? My success rate at goodwill and the like is abysmal.
  3. Hi everyone! I am hoping that some of the experts on this subforum will be able to help me learn more about coupe glass shapes, what they're called, and rules of thumb for when to use which for what cocktails (e.g.Nick and Nora for stirred, champagne coupe for shaken?) Specifically, I'm hoping to find out what these "pinch waist" coupes are properly called? Like for champagne there are fluted, tulip, and coupe shapes. What are the different varieties of cocktail coupes? I've uploaded an image. I see these sometimes at cocktail bars and want to explore this stemware spac
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