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  1. Madison Smith

    Dinner 2020

    Had a healthy quinoa and baked salmon dinner yesterday, garnished with stir-fried vegetables.
  2. I'm making yogurt using a yogurt machine, good thing I bought a ton of milk before this. Made some seafood paella using frozen seafood and salmon, scrumptious!
  3. A lot of the earlier posts were outsourced due to time issues - I've been writing by myself more and more now lately, and taking the time to fix old posts as the site is picking up some traction lately. Time is suddenly abundant due to the virus Yes, I'm taking a liking to more classical cooking tools like cast iron/copper based stuff lately. They might not hold up against modern materials, but they certainly have their own allure!
  4. I got a set of this as a housewarming gift from my friends- the salt and pepper grinder's top is made from copper, and it gives a reassuring heft when you hold it!
  5. Some input here as my husband is vegetarian - I have the read the following Chinese vegetarian cookbooks : 'The Chinese Vegan Kitchen: More Than 225 Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from the Culinary Regions of China' 'Florence Lin's Chinese Vegetarian Cookbook' (an old classic there) I've forgotten if they contain specifically Buddhist Vegetarian recipes, but the vegetarian restaurants we frequent here (that serve similar vegetarian dishes) has served Chinese monks with no issues here
  6. Cost of living is indeed high here, buying a car is usually out of the question as it has the most expensive car prices in the entire world. Public transport and Grab (the SEA version of Uber) is cheap and efficient though. Food costs are lower compared to Florida. HDB housing is indeed a great step forward for any high density countries from what I see here, as it allows youngsters to actually have any glimmer of chance of buying their own property. We stayed in Hong Kong for awhile before this, and nobody could afford any property there without their elders helping out financially. Glad to share more about life here! I'm still exploring around, although admittedly slower with the recent Coronavirus pandemic around.
  7. I missed having Kirkland's Ancient Grain Granola - can only find brands like Quaker here
  8. Interesting - seems that I need another pair of pans in my (already too large) cookware arsenal now! My go-to brand, Calphalon seems to be beckoning me with those... Only issue I would have here is the usage of aluminum instead of iron as the material base here.
  9. Call me traditional, but I still prefer cast iron pans. I've also been venturing into carbon steel woks lately too!
  10. The living costs here are actually quite expensive compared to the States - certainly not the budget retirement some Western folks would think of. Singapore is a very vibrant city though, and English literacy is great here!
  11. Good God, that's certainly an industrial-level pepper grinder right there...
  12. OMG, I was actually just watching her series while making dinner just now! Apparently she's very famous in Singapore too! (husband's aunt sent me that)
  13. Hello, I'm a classically trained hobbiyst chef and a foodie originally from Florida. I've been living in Singapore for a couple of months now, and am loving the Asian food scene here! I've been experimenting with tofu and soy-based products lately for my vegetarian husband
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