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  1. Ninja is no doubt a big name and my borther and other family members have been using its food processor for years so there are other quality food processors available in this era as well. I eventually bought a Panasonic food processor from Sogo as they were having a promotion on the week that I purchased. I havent used it intensively as my Vitamix. Have made cacao energy balls and homemade almond butter and it didnt disappoint. I used to have problems processing dates with my blender and with the food processor, it processed the dates without any issues. I have yet to find an easy veggie burge
  2. I have a magimix - I think that one. I love it, and am unlikely to consider anything else. I don't chop onions in it though - because, for me, it is as easy to use a knife. i did puree them in there for bolognaise so DS didn't realise that they were in it, when he was small.
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