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  1. Hello, So I am trying to dye my homemade bonbons with my own homemade colored cocoa butter. I have noticed that some brands of chocolate paint are using natural ingridients, like Flower power IBC using spirulina, beetroot and curcumin: https://www.ibcbelgium.com/en/power-flowers-spirulina.html https://www.ibcbelgium.com/en/power-flowers-beetroot.html https://www.ibcbelgium.com/en/power-flowers-non-azo-yellow.html 1. How can I make my own homemade colors? Those that I made weren't concentraded enough and the result was a dull color, nothing of the brilliance that store bought paint would give. I don't think it is possible for me to dissolve enough curcumin in cocoa butter to get that very shiny yellow color. See picture. Are they maybe using an emulsifier? Which one? 2. I also think that these store bought colors are liquid in room temperature, right? But cocoa butter is not liquid in room temperature, so how do they do that? Do they add something? What? Thanks!
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