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  1. Howdy guys I’m headed to Argentina today ,are there any restaurants in Buenos Aires you guys would recommend ?
  2. There are belted Galloway (belties) we have about 150 of the less common black Galloway Cow.
  3. Galloway cows are a Scottish breed related to highland they are very hardy and produce an exceptional product on grass only . Our cows are born on our ranch and raised to 28 months on grass only before slaughter.
  4. Hi guys I’m a chef , farmer/rancher . I live on cattle ranch in the Wasatch mountains of northern Utah where we raise Galloway cows for beef 🥩 I also raise pigs ,chickens and turkeys. Right now I’m working on a 7 year old cull cow from our herd , if there’s anything anyone wants to know or recipes they want me to test just let me know.
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