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  1. after reading what I wrote and seeing Johnnyd 's reply I think I may have been a little too quick to respond. my apologies Sonja
  2. I am not sure what your budget options are but when we moved the large equipment to the new bakery we hired the the guys from the restaurant equipment place. Not only did they have the right equipment but having done it before it really didn't take all that long. We(they) moved our 80 qt hobart and it was by far the heaviest and most difficult piece to move. I was happy to spend the money to avoid the aggravation and difficulty of moving the 'beast'. In any case they only used dollies and a modified pallet jack along with gravity. Be careful those things are amazingly top heavy. S.
  3. I saw them picking peas on my bike ride the other day and my mouth started salivating especially now that I am thinking of them with trout. My SO caught a beautiful striper the other week and let me tell you roasted up with some fennel herbs olive oil and other select seasonings it was tasty!!! S also in S Portland
  4. KeystoVt

    Unibroue Has Sold Out

    Word has it that they are keeping only Blanche de Chambly, Maudite and Fin du Monde. Stock up on the others while you can.
  5. yay for the heads up on ramps. I used to forage a lot of morels when I lived in NC and never had a problem with worms so I'm not sure what to do to eradicate them...they might be a little extra added wild food flavor... S
  6. for anyone in the Portland area I just got some tasty looking fiddleheads at Harbor Fish Market (my favorite fish market by the way) for 3.99 #. So tonight it's soy glazed halibut with wasabi butter(I like to add a little fresh horseradish to it), steamed fiddleheads with a touch of fresh butter, some good bread, Allagash White and I am one happy girl!
  7. do we get ramps up here in Maine? Yum Yum they give you the devils breath but boy are they tasty sauteed in some butter ...to go with the fiddleheads of course! Prefereably with some eggs triple yum!
  8. My picks.. ...Blue Heaven I know it has become a tourist staple but the food is excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have eaten there a dozen times and have never been disappointed! ...I second a trip to Seven Fish, ...Mangia Mangia is good as well, ...Louies is good for drinks but do not eat there ...Montes has moved to Key West proper from Summerland and has only been open a short while --I'm not sure how it is holding up. ...B&O fish wagon for the best fish sandwiches hope this helps
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