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    Also got these reliably good (IMO) grape tomatoes (Costco).
  2. @Smithy, I'm sure you've made schnitzel a lot. I love panko as a breading, but maybe it has too much body for something that's pounded out thin. Wonder if you can crush down the panko just a little bit. Just a thought.
  3. MokaPot


    Costco strikes again. They no longer sell the feta cheese that I like. What they do have now is Kirkland brand (of course) goat cheese, which I've never tasted. Also got some of these Boursin cheese spreads, which I haven't had since I was little.
  4. Hmm ... I'm the opposite, @Toliver. I like thinner tortilla chips. Tostitos lime is my favorite. I can eat an entire bag by myself. They're not really thin, though.
  5. MokaPot

    Breakfast 2021

    @shain, those sauces and condiments on the far side of the plate look really delicious.
  6. MokaPot

    Breakfast 2021

    @jimb0, what else is in there, besides hemp protein and flax? TIA.
  7. "Tamagoyaki" cooked via makeshift sous vide. I don't have the square / rectangular pan, but I think I'll try doing this in a round pan next time.
  8. It does look like it has locking points, like @AlaMoi said. I don't think it's a grater. I think it's a squeezer that you can adjust gradually on the locking points (to extract water, oil, etc.).
  9. Could you post photos from alternate angles?
  10. MokaPot

    Spice Storage Ideas

    Yes, I have the same baby boa wrench. I think it started out as a plumbing tool. It shouldn't damage your container. Inexpensive, too.
  11. @rotuts, no Snoballs in sight when I bought the cupcakes. My sister liked the Snoballs, IIRC. Agree that the pink ones would be preferable to the white ones.
  12. Stressful past couple of days. Cheetos bag & another, empty Hostess cupcakes container are in the trash already.
  13. MokaPot

    Lunch 2021

    Here's what I had for late lunch / early dinner the other day. Russet potato, sour cream, ketchup, & Tabasco.
  14. Eau de vie is supposed to be unaged brandy, distilled from any fruit other than grapes. (According to this article.) Maybe pour some brandy in there? Vodka would probably be good, too. https://www.liquor.com/articles/eau-de-vie/
  15. That is kind of a cool rice maker that @liuzhou posted the link for. I looked at the reviews, which include some photos of a nice brown crust.
  16. @souphead. Sorry to be dense here. Are you wanting to cook the rice (until the rice cooker automatically turns off), let it sit, then turn the rice cooker back on again in order to form a crust? "Time interval" means period of time between (1) when rice cooker automatically turns off (the first time) and (2) when you turn the rice cooker back on again? How about just experimenting, starting with a 30-minute rest period after the the cooker automatically turns off (the first time)?
  17. The old school rice cookers could give you a crust (Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic). They didn't have the silicone seal on the lid and, possibly, the inner pot sat more directly on the burner (heating element). Also, no nonstick coating on the inner pot. Here's what they looked like. (Photos come from online adverts. They're still available for purchase. The old Toshibas seem very expensive, though.)
  18. It has mustard and dill! OK, I can be a dumb ass, sometimes, but I don't think I would have done this:
  19. Not sure you're in the mood to try again, but I wonder whether you could use a grapefruit knife.
  20. Lots of Google hits for "fish and plantains" as well.
  21. Really beautiful, @jimb0, your chocolates and the photo as well. What was on the insides?
  22. IMO, there's a noticeable difference between kidney and pinto beans. I grew up eating the canned kidney beans in chili & in salads. Now, I would rather eat pinto beans. IME, the "skins" on the kidney beans are thicker & tougher than the skins on the pinto beans. Black beans (for chili & just in general) would be my favorite. Also, IMO, the various canned "chili" beans seem like a crap shoot as far as seasonings & additional ingredients. But, sounds like your husband has accounted for the Joan of Arc flavor in his recipe.
  23. What kind of fish do you normally like to cook? I think that would make a difference in what kind of paprika (mild vs. pungent, etc.).
  24. @Smithy, would you wash hydroponically grown lettuce? I see it at the store sometimes and have purchased it before. I'm lazy to wash lettuces & spinach and maybe hydroponic is a solution for that. TIA!
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