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  1. The purple ones are filled with blueberry and crème fraîche. The red ones with Minneola and Rooibostea. I just brushed them with a sponge. First the darker color and then a lighter one to shine through behind.
  2. I'm very happy to show my first bonbons in this thread. For good light, I had to go outside in the snow to take the pictures, as my window is right now completely covered with snow.
  3. You mean to create something like a transfer sheet? That's also been on my mind but had no idea how you could do it with a round bonbon.
  4. If anyone is still interested in this, I have booked a class with dubovik in April and will be happy to share what will be discussed. Also, if anyone still has unanswered questions, I'll be happy to ask him in person.
  5. I work in pastry and do a lot of plated desserts and work with chocolate. That being said I really enjoy eating anything not sweet, as I have to eat a lot of that at work. But a really good chocolate will always be a must have. That's why I'm thankful to be in Switzerland, as we have a wide variety of good cheese and chocolate which satisfies both of those cravings.
  6. Or simply just Photoshop. Most of his stuff looks a bit overly polished. If he pulled it off though, kudos to him. But also getting the color shift inside of the lines is something that boggles my mind and wouldn't want to do.
  7. I just always follow the diagram on their package. At work, we mainly use valrhona and I've never had any problems with it. I mainly seed it to cool it down quicker to about 27c and then heat it up again to 30c. Like this, I never had any problems with molding. Hope it helps.
  8. Hello everyone. I read this whole thread and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Some weeks ago I found a rather interesting looking bonbon and wanted to know if I'm on the right track how he made it. I thought pastry tip for small ring, and then a something with a small tip for the lines. What's been bugging me is how he got the shading and different colors on the lines. So maybe scrape and airbrush?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm Simon and from Switzerland. I really enjoyed reading in this forum so far. A lot of knowledge gets passed around here
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