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  1. I purchased some of those $ 1.99 cherries at a local Shop Rite a few weeks ago and they were great. I bought some the following week (at $ 2.99 a pound) and they were as you described. I purchased more last night for $ 1.99. This most recent purchase will break the tie 😌
  2. When I was a teenager I worked afternoons for a company that wrote computer software so that farmers could keep track of their inventory and bill their customers. Most of our users grew apples or onions. One day my boss sent me to see a customer in New York's black dirt country (Florida, New York) which is big onion growing country. I was busy figuring out a programming error when one of the "onion guys" told me to hand over my car keys so he could put some onions in the trunk of my car. When I arrived home I opened the trunk and found a bag of onions. 50 POUNDS of onions. I bou
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