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  1. I realized, that I didn't mention, that good espresso depends also on the way of grinding the coffee beans. If they'll be too coarsely, they'll spoil all the taste of your coffee. If they'll be too finely, they will crumble into your cup. You should choose the ay of grinding according your machine or filter.
  2. The point is to choose good beans or ground coffee for you. Because every kind of coffee has its own taste. I think, a good cup of espresso could be made with an ordinary coffee machine. You may use special options with a siphon. You may even use an ordinary espresso coffee machine. I believe everything depends only on the type of coffee beans and the quality of water you add in your coffee, it always should be fresh and clean.
  3. One day, I'd like try to buy green beans, roast them and make my coffee from the very beginning.
  4. I've never tried, because the equipment for roasting is not cheap. I believe, it's more profitable to buy some roasted coffee.
  5. I really like this bubble tea. It's so nice. I can't explain, but these coffee jellies in it are so delicious.
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