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  1. I've got a problem with pattypans. My husband has grown lots of them and we totally don't know what to do with them. Of course, I marinated some but what else I can do with them? We are growing squash pattypans from seeds we usually buy on https://www.thegreenlivingforum.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=113354 - they sprout quite long but are really tasty! Hope you have some ideas or I will just give them to my family and friends! :)
  2. Polish cuisine is quite expanded, we have a lots of different dishes but what foreigners (and locals) like the most are, I suppose, pierogi (dumplings). They are filled with really different things eg. meat, meat and cabbage, fruits. My grandma makes very tasty dumplings with blueberries or apples. What is also really characteristic about Poland is bigos - a dish where you add everything (meat, cabbage, sausages). It is very tasty!
  3. Hello there! Have you got any experience with breadfruit? When I was on my holidays I bought a breadfruit in a can. It is still laying on my shelf because I do not know how to use it..and also how does it taste? Do you have any recipes?
  4. makeamix41

    Lunch 2020

    Oh, so many tasty dishes ar in here! Unfortunately I didn't take a photo but yesterday for lunch I ordered a small set of sushi with a miso soup. It was the first time I ate miso and to be honest...I didn't like it much!
  5. I love teas with some flavor. My favorite one is the one I bought when I was in London, it was from Whittard of Chelsea. They have a vast range of different teas, chocolates and coffees, but the one I love is lemonade. It is perfect in cold and in hot version.
  6. To be honest I don't believe in it. Maybe it also depends on what kind of clay pot is it..And I think that if it has an impact on dish flavor it is because of the temperature. I have a few clay pots and I have never noticed any flavor change.
  7. Ohh, I don't know if I will manage to list ten! But let's try: 1. mango 2. strawberry 3. blueberry 4. aloe vera juice (mango flavor or natural) 5. fishes (salmon and trout) 6. sushi 7. cauliflower soup 8. lychee 9. cream puffs (I love them but it is really time consuming to prepare them) 10. grilled chicken
  8. Hello everyone. In a few weeks I am throwing my birthday party. There are going to come my friends, I have a cake ordered and the rest I am going to do on my own. What I want to prepare except food are drinks. I love coconuts but I don't know how to make tasty coconut drinks. Do you have any recipes? But please, make them easy, I am not an expert in drink making! 😓
  9. makeamix41

    Breakfast 2020!

    I love breakfast but very often I don't have time to prepare them. Sometimes I prepare salads evening before so they are ready for my breakfast. Salads can be really different, you can add anything you want. My favorite is with salmon, lettuce, cocktail tomatoes, sunflower seeds and feta cheese. I also recommend you different sandwiches. I really like one with salmon and spinach. It should be covered with Hollandaise sauce but I think that it can be modified.
  10. Hello everyone? How are you doin'? My name is Martha, I am 26 years old girls from Europe. Have you ever been there? Or maybe you also live in here? When it comes to me I have two passions: cooking and gardening. What I grow I always use later in my kitchen and that is perfect. I know what I eat, it is fresh and bio. Do you connect this two things, also?
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