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  1. Ou ... I'm sorry about your form. But I believe she didn't do it on purpose.
  2. Hi Jim D, thank you for your answer. Yes, the question about the sewer also occurred to me. Fortunately, 95% of my products are in a simple hemispherical shape, so I have no problem with cleaning in the folds - I don't have any. That's why I use a small drill for polishing, which works great. It doesn't happen to me that I have dirty molds inside, only from the sides, and I would like to eliminate that. If I do not find a way to wash them perfectly even with polishing, I will be forced to solve the situation the old-fashioned way and arrange some help once a week - a part-time job for a schoolboy, etc ...
  3. Of course I understand, I would be upset about that too. But I'm not looking for instructions on how to wash the molds and how to proceed with production, but rather a functional soap that could wash molds from chocolate residues in a machine dishwasher 😉 precisely because the molds shouldn't be washed at all, but for efficiency I wanted to try it 😉 a long time ago someone mentioned one kind of soap here, but I can't find it anymore. Otherwise, I would not start this topic here Jakub
  4. Thank you Teo for your opinion. I read a lot here on the forum and I learned a lot of information here. A lot of major manufacturers use water for cleaning, look at thechocolatelab. I have to find a reasonable compromise between the time spent with manual cleaning of molds - I open it over a warm plate with paper towels and then polish as I have already written. But in time it's slow to one day a week for one person. I'm looking for a way to speed up this process 😉
  5. Beautiful day chocolate friends. I'm brand new here on the forum. Almost two years ago, I started making pralines in the Czech Republic. There are not many manufacturers and not at all those who work by hand. I have a big problem with cleaning the molds. I like to work cleanly, so I absolutely clean and polish alcohol before each batch of molds. I use my little helper for this - an accumulation screwdriver with an extension, which I made from a wine cork - it works perfectly. I apply clean make-up tampons and possibly alcohol to it. But now I have a lot of molds and manual cleaning is crazy. I bought an older dishwasher in a restaurant and I can't find a product (soap, detergent) that would well remove the remnants of chocolate from the sides of the molds and at the same time, of course, would not destroy the molds? Does anyone have any type or advice for any other cleaning machine, please? I bought a special product "Brillform", which is intended for rinsing already washed molds - it should ensure shine without polishing each tube, but first I have to get the chocolate away. Here is a link to my website and instagram, you can look at my work and I will be very happy and grateful for any advice and warnings on what I could improve, because there is no professional in the Czech Republic focused on pralines, so there is no one to learn from I teach myself by rehearsing and from great books, videos and watching the world's chocolatiers. Thank you again
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