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  1. Had the famous comte from Bernard Antony at his apartment and Louis XV the same day. It was clear Mikeal was getting a better selection than Louis XV.
  2. I made it to Mathias Dahlgren about 2 months ago and it is no where near the level of NOMA. Some dishes were good, others ill conceived or poorly executed (ginger in one dish was way too heavily dosed and left a lingering taste that lasted well into the next course. Not very seasonal either with mushrooms appearing in two dishes months after the mushroom season in Sweden is over. And not nearly as Nordic as NOMA. I think NOMA is worth the third star but Dahlgren is max a 1 star. While I still drool and long for at least 10 different dishes from my two visits to NOMA there is not one dish from Dahlgren that I have a burning desire to eat again.
  3. Do like the look of frantzen-lindeberg, Does anyone have any information on Mistral, how to find and contact it! I presume both of these are pricey though. ← Mistral open for dinner but very expensive. Restaurang Mistral, Sockenvägen 529, Enskededalen Telefon: +46-8-10 12 24 Frantzen-Lindeberg closed until August 14 and also very expensive. You'll have trouble finding stuff open this time of year. Check out Bakfickan at Operakällaren or Sturehof located at Stureplan (big shopping neighborhood).
  4. cheers thanks, i have booked oaxen and will give dahlgren a call, i wont be going till august so hopefully will get a table. What should one expect from oaxen ? are we talking a world class meal? ← In my opinion, no. While he has become more restrained I find his cuisine still a little overcomplex and more focused on technique than actual flavors. But the setting and service are fine and the meal will be enjoyable. But I don't think you will be blown away unless its the first time you encounter a dry ice fog with your dessert. You should also plan your travel to/from Oaxen in advance as public transportation is not that great and you don't want to be driving after drinking in Sweden (or anyother country in my opinion). You can stay overnight at Oaxen on a boat that has been converted to a designer hotel owned by the restaurant. Be sure to take a walk around the island before dinner. It only takes about 30 minutes and is very beautiful.
  5. It is usually no problem at all getting a table at Oaxen in the middle of the week if you reserved a couple of weeks in advance. Dahlgren is possible harder, especially on weekends. Don't see how you would be traveling to Sweden to go to Oaxen without traveling through Stockholm. In other words, if you are going to Oaxen Stockholm is not out of the way and most like it is actually on your way unless you are coming from southern Sweden/Denmark. Either way it is only about 30 minutes to Stockholm from Oaxen once you have left the island by ferry.
  6. Julien, How similar is his cooking to the Lucas Carton days? PS We miss you.
  7. I think there is one more place in Monaco that could be the one that gets the best of Antony cheeses. The Comte I had there was significantly better than the Comte at Louis XV the next day.
  8. mdibiaso


    Most 3 star restaurants including l'Ambrosie source their morels from Turkeys which does have excellent morels. Frechon at Le Bristol feels the Turkish morels are however not the best so he sources his from Auvergne in France. On my last visit there I can clearly say that these morels, very small compared to the Turkish, are definately superior to those at L'Ambrosie (which are excellent). However, Frechon does not have any special morels dishes that I know of, and I guess he could never source enough to do the things Pacaud does. We got our morels when ordering the chicken roasted in pigs bladder. Not huge amounts but again the quality is something I will dream about for many years.
  9. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say "simplicity". The food at Lous XV appears deceptively "simply" compared to a place like Les Ambassadeurs. The style at Louis XV seems to be do "nothing" to the food that does not improve its flavor. On the other hand the service and decor is allowed to go overboard. On a recent visit a few dishes/elements were simply perfect. I think the reason many people don't like Louis XV is they are expecting more fireworks and show on the plate and don't appreciate a perfectly grilled and unadorned piece of foie gras. On the other hand I can also say that when the restaurant makes a mistake there is nothing on the plate that can hide the error.
  10. Have to agree here. Lucas Carton was definately a restaurant that split people's opinions and which many people did not "get". They could also suffer from "execution" at times (I was there 2 weeks after 9/11 and it was not a good evening). Even at Lucas Carton the noice level was high and you were sitting right next to others. But I actually enjoyed this and often conversed with other tables and gave them suggestions on how to order. I am finally going to Senderens in about 4 weeks. I do NOT expect it to be anything like Lucas Carton. And that is simply based on what I have read. The ingredients are different, the atmosphere is different, the costs are different. Thinking one will get a LC like experience at Senderens today is like to going to Robochon l'Atelier and expecting to get something similar to Jamin. Its a guaranteed way to be disappointed.
  11. There's not much. Hamberg's Fisk may be the safest bet. They serve only seafood. The most acclaimed restaurant is Guldkanten. Not sure when they open again from the summer holiday break. The food is some experimental but not as much as Noma in Copenhagen. It is more formal and more expensive than Hamberg's. Other than those two there is nothing else know of that is worth what you will pay.
  12. Nötfärs mean ground beef. All the burgers are ground beef except the Dolly Parton which is a chicken filet. If you wish you can substitute the ground beef burger for a quorn burger, which makes little sense if you are ordering one of the versions with bacon. But still the place is probably no better than a Hard Rock Cafe anywhere in the world. And there is a Hard Rock in Paris I would assume so why waste a meal here. In Malmo Petri Pumpa used to be the place for vegeterians if it is still open go there, spend a lot of money, eat something unusual and eat other meals from grocery stores rather than giving your money to a phony place like this.
  13. Well, Sundays in Stockholm are not easy. Pretty much only turist places open. Since you are in the Old Town, and need some nights without spending too much money (this ain't easy in Sweden or Norway) I might suggest Bistro or Grill Ruby. The are next door to each other at Österlånggata 14 in the Old Town. The grill has steak, burgers, grilled salmon, the Bistro has a mixture of some Sweden staples and US "bistro" classics like Ceasar sallad.
  14. Stockholm Grand Verandan Den Gyldene Freden Lux Stockholm Grand Veranda and Den Gyllene Freden are strange choices to me looking at your list for Denmark. Both are filled with turist and businessman rather than people looking for a special meal. You may want to try Esparento or Mistral for a Noma like experience and add F12 (Fredsgatan 12) to the list. If you want to get out a little cheaper one night you could try "Restaurangen" owned by the same person that runs F12.
  15. Eriks Bakficka has husman that is very typical for lunch. Have never tried but his pedigree is good. Eriks Or Bakfickan at Operakällaren. Operakällaren
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