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  1. where can i go to get good indian food in london? I'm not looking for anything fancy. I love chana masala, butter chicken, sag paneer, nan and chutneys. We are staying near Harrods.
  2. So are you telling me that to truely experience the wonders of french food, I must spend $500.00 on dinner? I know that cost is relative. I don't even look at the prices when I eat out. I order what I want and pay what it costs. Even doing this, I've never paid over $200.00 for dinnner (excluding wine) anywhere. I've also never eaten in the finest restaurants in the food capitals of even the US. I'm certainly not criticizing anyone for paying any amount of money for any food. Cost is relative. I know if I crave something bad enough I'll pay whatever it costs to eat it. I guess the "10%
  3. My husband is french canadian so he speaks fluent french. We will try to get reservations at l'Astrance. We don't go until the end of June so this would be well in advance. I sure would hate it though if there was a restaurant here in town that you had to make reservations for a month in advance. I don't usually plan that far in advance. Do many locals even eat there? Also, someone asked if I had other dining plans in Paris. We have no plans as of yet so are definately open to suggestions. I really DO like good food but do not want to pay half a month's mortgage for dinner. I'm going to
  4. This is my first time to Paris. I do not care much for meat (chicken is ok) I love all veggies, mild fish,scallops, shrimp, and crab. We live in the Tampa Bay Florida area and frequently eat at what are considered the better restaurants in the area. I like creative cuisine so L'Astrance sounds nice. I'm concerned that I would not be able to find a menu without meat and I don't know what the a la carte menu prices are like. I was also under the impression that reservations at L'Astrance are very difficult to secure. thanks for your interest!!
  5. What one restaurant would you recommend for a very nice dinner that won't break the bank (under $150.00 for a couple) and why? AND how far in advance would you make reservations?
  6. Thanks for all your helpful responses. I will certainly look into the guide that was recommended. I'm sure I'll have more questions as my trip draws nearer but this will give me a place to start...thanks again!
  7. First of all, I am a foodie to the nth degree!!! I just DREAD the thought of wasting a meal on a bad restaurant. My husband and I are going to paris in June and I know so little about French food that I'm LOST when I read the menus or try to decide where to eat. I think we will would like to eat our large meal at lunch. Can you tell me what the normal lunch hours are and if the restaruants serve the same sort of food as they do at dinner? At home I eat mostly veggies and fish, and seafood. I like spicy food...thai, indian and i like sushi. I don"t like to eat much pasta, bread or potatoes. Am
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