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  1. I like food cooked with sous wide machines! I've watched the video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN8m9KAQJ0c and it really looks promising. I've tried not so many brands but Anova is the best one for me (I'm using Anova Precision for £199, without "Pro"). I'm intrigued by this model and sould check by myself how it works.
  2. She doesn't like cooking (somebody may add "unfortunately" but for me it's OK). I believe I'll change her thoughts about it someday. My mother moved from the USA because she fell in love with my father and stayed in Manchester. I was born and still live here. Sometimes it is good when you don't understand something and don't worry about it🙂
  3. Thanks for sharing! I do really love pecans and also cook the cakes with it. I promise, I'll cook that next time🙂 Here's my favourite one, with bananas and pecans (sorry for the filters, it was for my gf Instagram)
  4. I didn't say that my dishes make her swoon 🙂 She likes when I cook for her. Yesterday was pork tenderloin with grilled tomato salsa for dinner. I'm sure she was pleased ☺️ I don't know what are you talking about and what should answer. Maybe nothing. Seems impolite a bit.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Fred and I live in Manchester with my girlfriend Emma. I like everything that is connected with food. Emma says I cook delicious dishes, I do think so too. I'm working as a dentist and I love my job. My clients are satisfied too. We have a dog Milo, he is 6 y.o. He is our family member. I'm here because I want to learn more cool recipes
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