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  1. I'm going through some of the recipes in Wybauw's book, and I realize that some mental creativity has to be employed to reconcile some of the translations, but I've never encountered the phrase 'slightly crystalized cocoa butter' before. Can someone educate me on what exactly that is? How do you slightly crystallize something? It is to be added to chopped white chocolate after heated coconut milk and sweeteners and coconut are blended in. It's the Coconut Truffle recipe on page 192 of the Fine Chocolates Gold book.
  2. Thank you. I wondered if that was a thing. Would adding melted CB be before or after adding the silk?
  3. I have a question about using EZTemper silk in larger quantities than recommended to temper a mass of chocolate. I'm looking at a recipe in Wybauw Fine Chocolates that asks for 50g cocoa butter to be added to 500g precrystallised white chocolate before the combination is then added to a coconut/coconut milk mixture. Is there a problem with adding 50g of silk to the chocolate once it has been melted and brought back down to the 33.5c recommended for tempering with silk? Just hoping to skip a step if it won't cause a problem to do so.
  4. @Chocolot I will absolutely take you up on that offer! I appreciate it so much! You are a fabulous teacher and I retained a ton after the one class I attended. Thank you for all your CCB spray tips! In the meantime. I'll do some experimenting. (I feel like I'm always experimenting...) I'll give myself a little credit after reading your sequence of changing CCB. I started doing this to avoid muddy colors! Do you try to recapture the plain CB after running it through to clear out the gun?
  5. Well I can tell that this is going to be a very humbling process because I was today years old when I learned that the little black air control valve even existed! Hahaha! Oh man, sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees.... Thank you so much for the clarification, and about the set up, I for sure NEVER ignore Kerry's advice! Please feel free to pass on any more learning quest moments. You will always have at least one Fuji owner willing to listen.
  6. .......and then you persevere and turn out some beautiful, beautiful product. It's good to vent your frustration OUT LOUD, and occasionally have a meltdown {of the human kind} on your kitchen floor.
  7. I think I actually saw your comment about the dehydrator long ago and saved it in my Amazon cart for future reference. I'll go check on that! I didn't realize that it would work to melt out cocoa butter though, that's actually makes the thought of buying it pretty enticing! Thanks for mentioning your process!
  8. Dang! That test with water suggestion actually makes me a tiny bit giddy! What a great idea! And thank you for the advice on the control knobs. I am looking at my gun right now. By 'bottom of the gun' do you mean the one with the numbers 1,2,3,4, or the silver one at the base of the cup, closest to the trigger? I hope I can assume that we have the same gun? I'm also not sure with the silver knob whether clockwise or counter clockwise is open or closed.....or whatever this knob does. haha And I feel MUUUCH better knowing my ultra hot compressor is normal....
  9. I saw the thread about Buffalo and am seriously considering it. Ruth had issued an invitation to the one in 2018 but I was unable to fit that one in, not to mention I felt way too green to be able to keep up! I'm hoping for this year to be THE YEAR that I can expand my knowledge base in a serious way. I'm a master procrastinator so I'll need to know how long I have to ponder and commit to Buffalo though. And regarding the video, I tend to be pretty dang forgiving of questionable results when I'm extremely thirsty for information....
  10. Hmmm....I am currently keeping my gun warm inside a heating pad. Your method sounds much more heat-controllable. Is this while it has CCB in the cup, or just when it is empty so It'll be ready?
  11. Thank you for responding and for the link to the additional thread. I will read it tonight. I really thought wasting half a bottle was my own particular specialty... I have searched exhaustively for videos or articles providing some instructions on which knob adjustments do what. I haven't been to successful though. I think a thread that is specific to Fuji owners would be a dream come true! Anyone want to volunteer to start one? {I know I don't feel qualified!} I can't seem to make use of any info that describes any other brands or models. It's comparing apples to oranges for the most part. Are there enough Fuji owners who, unlike myself, have the needed experience to be able to advise? I'd hate to put all the expectations of people like me onto just a couple of people.... I'm pretty sure my full cadre of questions could overwhelm even the most patient person. Haha! Or maybe the combined partial knowledge of many people would be what we need! I've definitely been holding back for a while trying to troubleshoot on my own. I do have a technical question though. My Fuji seems to get very hot while being used. Just wondering if this is normal? I'm talking after maybe 20-30 minutes of spraying. I'm always wondering if I have something set wrong, or the like. Wouldn't be the first time!
  12. I am 30 minutes south of Salt Lake. I took a class from @Chocolot a couple of years ago and loved what she taught so much that it inspired me to want to take on chocolatiering as a side gig.
  13. Hi all. Long time stalker, first time commenter here. I've done a lot of thread reading regarding spraying colored cocoa butter but I have to confess, being a hands on visual learner, that the numbers and decimals and psi's ya'll talk about don't mean much of anything to me quite yet. I have a Fuji Q4 Platinum that I bought over a year ago {I just obediently ordered whatever Fuji kit Kerry Beale recommended} and I would love to get maximum usage out of. Because, you know, the $$$$. haha So far, it's really just been a whole lot of guess work with the adjustment knobs and such. I need to become consistent with it but don't really know where to start. I'm wondering how to get a decent splatter, how to get good single color coverage without wasting half a bottle, and any other techniques that ya'll might find helpful.
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