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  1. I dined there a few weeks ago. Dinner was wonderful. Friends were staying at the Relais and booked at the time of their reservation.
  2. cigalechanta

    Cafe Constant

    Is it true that these days it is mostly Americans dining there? That you must arrive at 7 to get a table? Will they sit a party of six?
  3. cigalechanta

    Cafe Constant

    Thanks Kim, I leave tomorrow so i appreciate your timely answer. Paris is a poem pressed into service as a city
  4. cigalechanta

    A few days in downtown Boston

    Let me know if you need information. I lived on Newbury Street for years til I moved across the Bridge near MIT.
  5. cigalechanta

    A few days in downtown Boston

    Legal Seafood at Copley Place, Voile on Newbury Street, Sonsie.. for people watching, Loads of outside sitting on Newbury st Espalier on Boylston Street.
  6. cigalechanta

    The Best Boston Restaurant

    cr.aigie is very good but I prefer the nearby Rendezvous on Mass Ave
  7. cigalechanta

    Ogunquit Maine

    definately, both suggestions. Arrows is the more expensive but the view at the other faces the ocean
  8. cigalechanta

    Weekend in Boston

    legal seafood (several locations My favorite restaurant in cambridge is Rendezvous Midi,Hamersly Bistro, Petite Robert, in Boston
  9. oysters, always oysters with a pic Poul and later an armagnac

  10. cigalechanta

    Vegetarian fine dining in Paris

  11. cigalechanta

    Bouillabaisse in Marseilles

    without a doubt, Chez Fonfon
  12. cigalechanta

    Paris, a chocolate restaurant/boutique

    Thanks DAVID, SMOOCH!
  13. I loved Jaques Genin's chocolate boutique and cafe, now comes along a more ambitious chocolate restaurant/boutique. http://www.ipreferparis.net/2011/02/sweet-week-3-un-dimanche-a-paris.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IPreferParis+%28I+Prefer+Paris%29
  14. cigalechanta

    Late May in Giverny

    here is the Baudy' http://www.giverny.fr/Gardens-of-the-HOTEL-BAUDY.html
  15. cigalechanta

    Late May in Giverny

    There are two places in Giverny that I love. The pricier one is Les Jardins des Giverny. http://www.jardinsdegiverny.com/photos the other is the charming antiente Hotel Baudy. Not a hotel now but it was when the American painters came to be near Monet. I'll find the site and post it.
  16. cigalechanta

    Le Chateaubriand, Paris 11e

    How sad to refer to handsome efficient waiters as eye candy. The French don't do that. No matter how good looking, if you are not good at the job, you are out!
  17. cigalechanta

    Tea in France

  18. cigalechanta

    Julia Child--In Memoriam

    I can still picture her riding around in her little car with a wooden spoon attached to her antenna (so she coud find her car in a lot, she said) We shopped the same market in Boston before I knew who she was. The now, no longer, Malben's where she had a food locker. They had the best cheeses and Olives in barrels, honey from all over the world what a loss in the closing. We never again had a market as good. Later Julia would go to Savanor's in Cambridge where we both lived but that will never replace Malben's. They opened a branch in Boston. You can buy rxotic meats but it's a very tiny shop.
  19. cigalechanta

    Le Chale des Iles

    It was so long ago that it would be unfair to judge the food, but we stumbled on it and were taken on a small boat to the restaurant. I was charmed.
  20. cigalechanta

    A Good Book on France?

    Maybe out of Print? not sure but each book in the series that mentioned where to stay and eat were right on. Recipes very simple. The Gastronomique series is published by Abbyville.
  21. cigalechanta

    Review of 4 Paris Bistrots

    I agree!!!
  22. This vineyard also makes my favorite rosè. Lula has a very popular cookbook. http://www.domainetempier.com/en/sommaire.htm
  23. cigalechanta

    Reporting on some great eating in Paris

    I enjoyed your review. I was there the last week in March and I found that the Regalarde was not as good as the original and they seemed to give poor service to the non-French( who were very quiet). I , on the other hand found Chez Ami very comfortable and good service. The reality maybe who you get as a server who can enhance or destroy the experience.
  24. cigalechanta

    Huitres, Praires, Bulots, Amandes

    OHHH! one of my favorites things to eat.Lookinging fotward to answers. I've tried all the brasseries and my favorite so far has been Aigues-Mortes in the South of France.
  25. Friends and I had dinner there last Friday. It was wonderful and the service very good but two in our party were staying there, so I'm sure we were made to feel special.