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    Goose liver?

    I am making some ravioli with the heart, gizzards, neck, and liver of my christmas goose. The liver is certainly not foie quality, but it isn't rosy either. It's about 4 ounces of beige-ish liver. It looks decent. I am cooking the neck, gizzards and heart now (155 / 12-24), but I am not sure about the liver. My breast will go in next at 135 /3-4, and I figure that's a good temp for the liver, but I've got no idea on time. 15-20 minutes for foie, but this isn't that. Anybody done this? Any ideas?
  2. Ponchovilla

    Cooking Goose

    My current plan: -First course will be a salad with some bitter greens and leg and thigh confit. -Second course will be consomme with ravioli filled with liver, neck meat, and giblets. -Main course will be breast with (lentils? polenta?) and some sort of bright, acidic sauce (cranberry? orange? ?). Leaning towards lentils or something that I can make ahead, for obvious reasons. Winter veg roasted in goose fat? I suppose I could sous vide the veg as well and then roast them when I crisp the confit. I'll be finishing all of this at my parents' house, so its nice to arrive with as little work left to do as possible. Everything cooked, or par-cooked, vacuum sealed and in a cooler is another bonus. All ideas are welcome I'll be shopping this afternoon at a great market where I can likely get anything required...
  3. Ponchovilla

    Cooking Goose

    I am leaning in that direction. Thanks!
  4. Ponchovilla

    Cooking Goose

    I am doing goose for Christmas. I'll break down the goose and confit the legs using the Serious Eats sous vide duck confit recipe https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/12/sous-vide-duck-confit-recipe.html and I am debating sous vide with the breasts or a simple pan roast. Either way, I'd score the skin well and then cook skin side down over low flame until the fat is rendered and the skin is crispy, then into the oven for a few minutes. My fear is that the meat will be tough if I don't sous vide first. I know that there is more connective tissue in a goose breast than a duck. But the toughness may only be a factor with a wild bird. Mine is farmed. Thoughts? Additionally, I found an old River cottage recipe that adds a course using the neck skin and meat, and the giblets to make a sort of sausage. My thought was to use the carcass to make a consomme or soup course, as well.
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