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  1. when I use my spray gun it ends up pretty well (attached a photo) so I dont think its about tempering. I think it’s either I’m terribly bad at airbrushing or my airbrush is terrible
  2. I got a cheap airbrush at the end, as I mainly use a spray gun I am working on spraying using a russian pipe. here is an example the problem is the dye appears to be too liquid on the mold and the correct shape doesnt form and it looks like a puddle on the mold I am using the cocoa butter at 32 C and the room temp is 16-17 C (I use these using spray gun and never had a problem) any ideas?
  3. any airbrush suggestions for less than 100$? I normally spray but need an airbrush for fine details. probably looking for 0.5mm nozzle
  4. does anyone have any recipe/suggestion for a sugar-free or low sugar cookie for a chocolate bar? I want to decrease the sweetness a bit with the cookie
  5. thanks! I will contact you when I am there (hopefully if this corona is over :))
  6. would an eztemper fit into a luggage easily? :) I might visit Canada towards the end of the year and would buy and bring it back with me if it would be easy to carry
  7. thanks! yes my room is very cold as well. I should have thought about this as it happens when I use the same chocolate for shelling multiple molds do you have a suggestion for batch shelling? would it help if I temper the chocolate and let is stay on the melting machine? would I lose the temper without stirring it?
  8. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right thread or not but couldn't find a how do they dont do that thread I made a swirl bonbons and parts of the paints left on the mold. What might be the issue? I sprayed the paint and made swirls by hand using a foam brush. There doesn't seem to be a problem with the shine. I am almost certain tempering was right Thanks
  9. how do you clean the acetate or guitar sheets?
  10. sorry for the late reply, I will definitely take photos next time. I am just overwhelmed with orders at the moment
  11. Hello, I am using oil based powders for coloring. I dissolve and temper it everytime I need the color. It takes time to dissolve the powder and then temper. I checked liquid colors but I dont have many options on them Just wondering if it would work if I prepare a large batch and keep it in a bottle. Would I give up on quality? Would you suggest a good workflow? Thanks
  12. yeah thanks i know it’s not very practical for production but i still need to learn how it’s done
  13. when I try this the paint goes to the sides and the middle stays empty. would the paint he uses be much thicker? maybe less cocoa butter more paint powder? or a mixture of chocolate?
  14. thanks! I will use it to decorate bonbon molds.
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