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  1. I would love sort of an across the board hook up on where is good to eat in Baltimore. Ethnic stuff in particular. Where's the best sushi, best ethiopian, best cuban, best peruvian, best soul food, best vegan, best etc. etc. BEST BAR for Chrissakes!!! Help me out people. thanks, ryan
  2. I want to come!!! I miss the smell of roasting Hatch Chiles on street corners.
  3. All I can say is good luck. I'm from the SW (AZ/NM) and I haven't found a damn thing on the East Coast even worth mentioning. I'll stick to making my own.
  4. The key to my comments was the poor boy statement. Flagstaff is way better on the cheap for veggies like myself.
  5. I'm in the same poor boy boat or I'd recommend as much as I could. Phoenix is just not a good place find food. Seafood's crappy and overpriced, and few vegetarian spots. Even when I did eat meat it was pretty sparse for good stuff. It's mall land. TGI Friday central. etc. There are a few good hole in the wall nuggets though.
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