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  1. Thanks Teo, I've learned some new things from what you've said. Would you say 8 gallons/30litres was a sufficiently large volume capacity?
  2. Hi Jim, I'm also new to baking/chocolate spraying. When you say "you would go broke filling it with enough cocoa butter"- it says it has a 550ml container- If I filled it completely, would it stop working/work less efficiently once there was only say 150ml left? What I would like to make is less chocolates and more cakes and pastries with chocolate velvet effects. e.g. Cedric G's various fruits. Considering a Krea hot choc, or alternatively, the Astro EUROHE103 EuroPro High Efficiency/High Transfer Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup, and trying to decide what compressor to get with it. I'm in Aus, so the California Air Tools aren't readily available here- but I'm looking at this Chicago Air Hush30 (only 1.1 HP, but seems like it would have enough psi and bar to run the EuroPro, with an 8 gallon tank- but I'm new to this, so not sure if I'm mis-interpreting something), or this Blackridge Direct Drive 2HP. I would like to get something similar to the California Air Tools model you have, but don't know enough about how the specs work to know if I'm missing something important. I wouldn't mind a quieter model (but it's not super important), and am not fussed about paying more money to get the right compressor. I've read some people talk about using a Wagner Airless Sprayer for chocolate velvet, but I'm not sure how that would work if I'm not using litres of chocolate at a time. The appeal of the Krea HotChoc is I wouldn't need to worry about getting a compressor/getting the wrong compressor- seems to do it all itself. But I'm not sure if I could also use it for also spraying not-chocolate e.g. neutral glaze etc. The appeal of the Astro EuroPro + compressor is that I've seen it used in this video, for the same kinds of pastries I would like to make (also if someone could identify the compressor used in the video- see 0:30ish, let me know!). But I'm worried about getting the wrong compressor to use with the spray gun. It would also be handy to have a compressor that I could then use if I later decided to get an airbrush. And reading this thread, and in particular some of your posts about getting into chocolate making, I could see myself wanting to do that later. But right now I'd like to focus on chocolate velvet type decorating. Any feedback would be great.
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