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  1. Thanks Teo, I've learned some new things from what you've said. Would you say 8 gallons/30litres was a sufficiently large volume capacity?
  2. Hi Jim, I'm also new to baking/chocolate spraying. When you say "you would go broke filling it with enough cocoa butter"- it says it has a 550ml container- If I filled it completely, would it stop working/work less efficiently once there was only say 150ml left? What I would like to make is less chocolates and more cakes and pastries with chocolate velvet effects. e.g. Cedric G's various fruits. Considering a Krea hot choc, or alternatively, the Astro EUROHE103 EuroPro High Efficiency/High Transfer Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup, and trying to
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