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  1. Thanks, there is an interesting thread on someone going to cookery school.
  2. Hi all, I would love to undertake real training for cooking and whilst I appreciate that the bulk of training is feedback, it would be great if anyone had any ideas for a DIY, at-home, Grand Diplome. I know that’s it’s a big ask but any thoughts, reading materials, discovered course structures would be spiffing. Its probably worth mentioning that that this is pure hobby and not to enter into the professional world.
  3. Asherweef

    Dinner 2019

    We had ban mih with a cucumber and beansprout salad but no picture, alas. Truly delicious, from Rick Stein’s Eastern Odyssey.
  4. I walked Hadrians Wall some years ago. Very envious that you will be discovering it in the near future! I would be interested to hear your thoughts - I loved the book. Thanks for the warm welcome, all.
  5. I’m from the UK - North England. Not the gastronomical capital of the World by any means!
  6. Hi all, Not quite a long time lurker but I have been looking on and off the forum for a few years before this decision to register and [hopefully] get involved. I originally heard of the forum through a book - Craft Cocktails at Home - which was an excellent read. There are so many potential topics here that I don’t quite know where to start: I’m part-time home brewer, main cook and baker-in-chief (when I find time). Particularly interested in scientific tidbits but also following along with what people are making; ive noted a lot of soups etc for breakfast?! Looking forward to to getting more involved. Asherweef
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