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  1. Asherweef

    Dinner 2019

    We had ban mih with a cucumber and beansprout salad but no picture, alas. Truly delicious, from Rick Stein’s Eastern Odyssey.
  2. I walked Hadrians Wall some years ago. Very envious that you will be discovering it in the near future! I would be interested to hear your thoughts - I loved the book. Thanks for the warm welcome, all.
  3. I’m from the UK - North England. Not the gastronomical capital of the World by any means!
  4. Hi all, Not quite a long time lurker but I have been looking on and off the forum for a few years before this decision to register and [hopefully] get involved. I originally heard of the forum through a book - Craft Cocktails at Home - which was an excellent read. There are so many potential topics here that I don’t quite know where to start: I’m part-time home brewer, main cook and baker-in-chief (when I find time). Particularly interested in scientific tidbits but also following along with what people are making; ive noted a lot of soups etc for breakfast?! Looking forward to to getting more involved. Asherweef
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