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  1. lml, what the #### are you on about!!! i am in no pain, the restaurant DOES have the stars still because it is the standard of the chef and his cuisine not the restaurant. n e way guys, thank you for the warm welcome and hope you are all cool, i think that lml should see a phsycotherapist as he obviously has some inner problem. where did that 'rapist' thing come from? not meaning to bitch please dont get me wrong i just find it offensive to be told that what i have observed over the past two months working there is stated as utter twoddle by someone who has probably just read up a review of th
  2. For a matter of fact martin blunos IS the consulting chef for fitzroys restaurant in bath, i should know, i work with him, he has closed lettonie and now works in another restaurant called blinis in bath on the lower floor of a 3 floor building the top ground floor being devoted to a deli, middle floor is the restaurant and the basement is the kitchen! which is also where i work, under the management of the company who also owns fitzroys and dukes hotel in bath. he maintains his two michelin stars and works to up to 35 covers in the current restaurant. any further questions?
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