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  1. aging it in the freezer doesn't make the flavor better though? It just preserves it. but 12 years, that is quite a long time.
  2. Jayycl

    Favorite cuts of meat

    haha yes, typo. THanks for the correction!
  3. Jayycl

    Favorite cuts of meat

    Beef - the cheeks and braising meats (ribs, tail) are my favorites. Lamb - i love the leg. I can roast it, brine and make a ham out of it, or braise it. Versatile on every cooking technique. Pork - my favorite protein, period. I adore every cut of pork. But if i had to pick a favorite it will have to be the pig head (yes whole head; snot, ears, cheeks, perhaps a bit of the neck). Brine it for a week minimal, then braise it and turn it to tete de cochon (headcheese). Or tie it like a porchetta and braise it, then sear it to crisp it up. Or you can cure it over night with garlic, thym
  4. Yes, I reckon that is the most probable cause. Will try to get my hands on some kosher salt or pure salt to see if it works! Thanks everyone for your precious inputs!! Much appreciated.
  5. I tested it again and tasted it side by side: 1. The same sea salt (very noticeable bitter) 2. Himalayan pink salt (very noticeable bitter) 3. Maldon sea salt flakes (not too noticeable bitter) I do not have any kosher salt on hand. But i think you might be right. It can be the impurities of sea salt reacting with the tomato water.
  6. I am actually really really excited for The Whole Fish Cookbook but Josh Niland. His food is super original and dope!
  7. i crack my eggs with another egg. but when it is the last one left, usually on whichever edge nearest (the lip of the bowl, edge of the table, etc...)
  8. Haha good one mate. It is as salty as it gets. Sea salt. Not one bit bitter.
  9. Just tried it again. Without seeds this time. Same procedure. When tasted without any seasoning, it was delicious. But as soon as i season with a bit of salt, it has a bitter finish. Although, not as strong as when the seeds were included. But it is still very noticeable.
  10. That is what im thinking as well. I just made a batch with all seeds removed. Will update the results soon!
  11. Greetings everyone. Recently i made some fermented tomato water. My method is as followed: 1. Cut ripe tomatoes into quarters 2. By weight, 2% salt. And into vacuum bag 3. 100% compression on the vacuum 4. Let it sit out in room temp (about 22c) for 6 days The compressed bag puffed up to a balloon, that was when i decided it is enough fermentation. So i buzzed it in a robot coupe, with seeds and all. I froze it and thawed it through a coffee filter overnight to have clear water. It came out great. However, i noticed some bitterness in it. Due to the
  12. Thanks everyone!! I love cooking everything, especially pates and terrines. I am actually into learning about fermentation right now!!!
  13. Hello everyone, My name is Jason. I love cooking and love eating even more! Am always interested in learning about new ingredients, cuisines, and cooking techniques. Pleased to meet everyone. Thank you for having me!
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