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  1. We had a waitress that had all the signs of having a meth addiction. She had dirty stringy hair, open sores all over her face and neck, and rotten teeth. Hey, I watch plenty of documentaries and this was a classic meth head. I completely lost my appetite but I kept hoping that she was trying to beat her addiction and keep a job, etc. so we stayed at her table and tipped her well. I don't know how she got the job in the first place! She looked that bad.
  2. Stephen, So glad to read how you've been doing! I check here all the time for updates. I'm a little concerned about your having to "scrap your original business plan" because I know you've spent a lot of time and money getting to where you are now. A set-back in losing your kitchen and then having a Jewish angel come in to save you is tempting I'm sure, but you must think long term. Is this really what you want to do this year, 5 years from now, etc. It's a fact that all businesses evolve, often far from where they started, but please make sure the changes you make are in the direction you are comfortable with. I'm pulling for you guys!
  3. Hey Stephen, I can comment on two things: 1. I just spent 10 months looking for a place to open my commercial kitchen. It is almost unheard of for a landlord to pay for build-out of your bakery. Sometimes you can negotiate a couple of months free rent while you build or if it is a brand new space you may get a few thousand dollars but seriously, you either find a place that has everything in it or you pony up the bucks to build it yourself. This is where the old location, location, location aspect comes in. If you need a great location you will have to pay for it. I worked with a commercial realtor to finally find my space and thank goodness I did because we were able to negotiate quite a lot that I wasn't even aware of on my own. Bottom line: you will more than likely have to pay any construction costs. 2. BNI. I'm in my second year with my chapter. It is a commitment of time and money but it has paid itself back in spades. I made my yearly fee back with one job and I continue to be rewarded with my commitment to the "BNI way". You need to find a well organized group that you click with but once you do I can attest that networking really works. Landis Avenue! I remember it so well. Can't wait to read what you write next!
  4. Beautiful job! Congratulations on your successful weekend. I would love one of those lemon cupcakes
  5. I remember reading a long time ago in Philadelphia Magazine that Georges Perrier of Le Bec Fin said he always visits the restroom of a restaurant before he sits down to eat specifically to see if they are clean, have soap, etc. I've never forgotten that and I try to do it as much as possible!
  6. Stephen and Jill, I just about fell out of my chair reading your posts because I grew up in Vineland and I just never see or read about anyone from there! I live in Dallas now but I was in Vineland last year for my high school reunion. Fun times! Congratulations on your new venture. I'm kind of going through the same thing. I am a personal chef and I decided to open a commercial kitchen so that I could expand my customer base, do corporate catering, etc. It took me over 8 months but I found the perfect kitchen in the perfect location. It was extremely frustrating but I learned if you are patient the right opportunity will come along. My best friend is married to the President of City Council in Vineland so when your website is up and running let me know and I'll get the word out. We write to each other almost daily. Good luck with your search for a space and post more pictures. They're gorgeous!
  7. Dallas, TX: It never fails when attending a business or chamber event we get mixed greens with a choice of raspberry vinaigrette or ranch, followed by chicken with an herbed lemon butter sauce thickened with cornstarch, wild rice, and mushy green beans. Dessert is, yes indeedy, the Sysco cheesecake with a fanned strawberry to the side.
  8. ringflinger: How was the gorgeous dish described or titled on the menu? Something must have made you order it!
  9. I love to put sour cream on my cheeseburgers. But as far as food combos go I am in heaven when I have buttered popcorn and fig newtons together...like giant trail mix!
  10. Not ethnic but excellent: Kenny's Wood Fired Grill
  11. How about individual pies like apple, cherry, etc. You already sell ice cream so pie ala mode would be a good combo. Homemade granola is also good with ice cream.
  12. I hate to burst your bubble but you are absolutely not allowed to sell food that has not been prepared in a commercial kitchen. Here in Plano it is a $2000 fine. Chances are no one would turn you in or a health inspector won't be coming upon your garage sale but why take the chance?
  13. Brooklyncook - You're hilarious! Mr. Trash Can Lid...love it. The CIA is mighty proud of Stephen. They've sent the alumni two emails letting us know that he's on the show. But they've been awfully quiet since the show has aired. Could they be horrified of his attitude or proud of his beautiful plates? Time will tell. I was cringing at the whole Junior League/microwave food relationship. It's true, but it made me cringe.
  14. THIS is the reason egullet is so wonderful! (Jason: tell me you and Rachel weren't laughing your butts off!)
  15. First I check epicurious.com. Then I check Bittman's "How to cook Everything". Then I check "The Best Recipe". I compare and contrast all three and usually make a variation. Anal but it works!
  16. The gnocchi al gorgonzola are a must have!
  17. I agree Danielle Osteria should be on the list. I've been twice and aside from great food the man is so darn warm and welcoming that you just want him to be successful! The rest of the list isn't too surprising. It's all the same places you hear of in the media. Not that they don't deserve it, it's just we have so many places to eat here.
  18. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: "would sir care for a mint?" "I cant, I'm stuffed." "but sir... it's wafer thin."
  19. I'm so glad to hear this. I've always loved The Green Room. Three years ago we went for the "Feed Me, Wine Me" and they sat us in THE KITCHEN! I was in heaven! Kevin: How is the vibe down there now? I have to admit I've been scared off by the bad publicity Deep Ellum has now.
  20. Go Eagles!! I recommend Abacus, Hibiscus, Dragonfly or Jeraboam. Why? I like the food, atmosphere, and service. Simple as that. You can get more info on these places at Guidelive.com
  21. Very unamusing. Very. Especially after the pure genius of Arrested Development. Yeah! Another 30 minutes added back to my life each week!
  22. The Dallas Morning News Business Section Texas has the second-largest restaurant workforce in the nation. To keep up with the need for workers the restauranteurs are having to increase benefits and offer incentives. Karen Robinson-Jacobs reports on Bringing perks to the table. Texas Living Section Katharine Goodloe and Michael Granberry bring you behind the scenes of Dallas' latest and greatest: The road to Nobu. This is the DMN's second feature article in less than a month on Nobu. Man, if I owned a competing restaurant I'd be pissed! Firecracker Fourth by Sharon Hudgins features an interview with Dave DeWitt, author of The Spicy Food Lover's Bible and includes recipes. I'm sure this guy is an egullet member: Tucker Shaw, author of a new book titled Everything I ate--A year in the life of my mouth. Writer Michael Precker wonders who the heck is going to buy this thing. D Magazine Nancy Nicholas visits Super Suppers. This article will prove there IS such thing as bad publicity.
  23. The Dallas Morning News The Victory Park complex which surrounds American Airlines Center (home of YOUR Dallas Mavericks!) will soon be home to some top-notch restaurants. Start saving your money now. Star Chefs warm up for spots at Victory by Dotty Griffith and Karen Robinson-Jacobs. Dotty Griffith also reports on The Modern, a fine dining restaurant located in the MoMA. Yes, that museum is still in NYC but I think if the DMN prints a story on your dinner they have to pay for it. Smart. Hart & Hind Fitness Ranch, located in Rio Frio, offers spa cuisine you may actually want to eat. Joyce Saenz Harris visits the ranch and spends time with Paula Disbrowe, The Cowgirl Chef. Hart & Hind's website is here. Spears of Joy by Abby Mandel. All you need to know about Asparagus. Kim Pierce takes you to Dallas City Market, a gourmet mini-mart located on Lovers Lane. Wow. A whole article on Jeffrey Weiss's encounter with a $56 cheese. Remember what I said about the DMN paying for your food? Good call Mr. Weiss.
  24. The Dallas Morning News Dave Levinthal reports on the Dallas Farmers Market's efforts to increase the number of growers selling their produce at the market rather than the vendors and wholesalers who populate the market now. Plans include holding live concerts, cooking classes, karaoke (say what?) to liven up the place. Not everyone is happy about the upcoming changes or the possiblity of hearing Islands in the stream even once a day. Ready to take a fresh approach. Apparently "nobody wants a slow meal" says Alison Brushaber. She is the VP of TurboChef Techonologies, Inc. based in Dallas. TurboChef won a kitchen innovaton contest for their high-speed ovens used in Subway's and THE MANSION ON TURTLE CREEK! Ah, First karaoke and now this......I need some speed man. -Article by Karen Robinson-Jacobs. It's Memorial Day. Here's some info and recipes on coleslaw, from Joyce Saenz Harris. Slaw & Order Texas Pastures is this state's first organic bottled milk. Kim Pierce provides info on how it is made, who is making it, and where to buy it. Moo Juice. Kim Pierce features a bakery down on lower Greenville the donates a portion of their profits to charity. Society Bakery showcases cakes, cookies, brownies, and a good heart. Eat this Book: Cooking with Global Fresh Flavors by Tyler Florence is reviewed by Kim Pierce. This thread is for food media DIGEST entries. If you want to discuss one of these news items, please start a separate discussion thread.
  25. Honestly, I couldn't care less. How is Nobu going to be different than any other "chain" restaurant now? Higher prices, "the scene"? Will every major city get a Nobu? Oh, yeah...that's special. Maybe my not being a big fan of Japanese cuisine is my problem. If Nobu will be the new hot ticket in town that's fine with me. It will keep me from being shut out of my 7 pm reservation requests at the places I really want to go to. (grumble, grumble)
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