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  1. This is one product I love but can't be made everywhere. Here in the South at a normal 110% humidity I can make this and watch it go soft. It's crazy. Great confection but location dependent. Literally most toffee or brittle recipe will do. I always think that whoever created this was a brittle maker that had an accident. No need for golden syrup or trimoline.
  2. Hiya @Jim D., all good mate! We use Choco Transfer Sheets for generic ones and for customs Chef Rubber.
  3. Thanks @teonzo we definitely have our temps around that range to begin with but we'll double/triple check. The diagonal we've pondered, thanks for pushing us to try that. @Eat.Choui, we give them plenty of time to setup. I don't think we've ever removed them early by any standard. I wonder if inversely waiting too long could be a culprit. By putting it in the fridge--where would that help diagnose? If you've run a flight and chill down some and you have a problem, by then there's no fixing it? Or are you running one small flight..? It's always peculiar. Just ran another few flights and they all came out fine. So bothersome to not easily put a finger on things. At this point fluctuations in room temp could be a culprit.
  4. We work with transfer sheets regularly but most of them are not double backed. By that I mean most of them are one layer, not backed with a white layer. I'm having a real problem with consistency in the thicker sheets as seen attached. We attach these individually as they come out of the enrober but it doesn't feel like we're getting enough heat penetration to do a full transfer. Anyone share some tips on thicker applications like these? Our short run came out fine but as soon as we went into production of course the first batch ends up being shot.
  5. Guess it depends on if it's digital and you power on/off you'll just reset the device vs something more static where power just continues what was going on. Then for an extra $30 it makes you wonder what else you can get. Those fine lines of keeping everything on the skinny or just going the full monty and getting the big boys.
  6. Thank's Jim for the link to the Avantco. I don't think we want something with that much of a footprint at the moment. We've got another few years in our current location then will be working towards a flex space for larger growth. I'd love to find something along the line of the NutriChef for ease of moving around when not in use. We're still a predominantly ganache/cutter/enrober operation. Also looking at the Gourmia GFD1650 but it is 'preset temp' oriented which is it's own issue. Thanks also for the Spraying thread, I'll mine it well.
  7. I've read some older threads on here about keeping your cocoa butter warm in a dehydrator. We picked up a NutriChef PKFD32 which was the closest we could find to a recommended one (2016/2018) and none of our bottles fit. Which had us ask--are people putting their bottles preset in here or are you using cups/transferring and cleaning your bottles over and over? Also if the PKFD32 isn't what we should be using, is there one generally people like now? We've grown up from cheap airbrushes to the Grex line and we're attempting to get much more serious about our airbrush techniques. It's been long enough. Any thoughts, tips, tricks, or considerations are greatly appreciated.
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