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  1. Hello Steve, Good question for Tom. I think many food professionals do either participate or print out the chat after it happens. I make a point of logging on to the chat every Wednesday. Let me offer a little critique of it, if I may. 1) The server at the Washington Post seems to be very slow - waiting 5 minutes between updates during a live one hour chat is absurd. 2) There should be an FAQ section that chatters can read. Every week someone asks about: the best burger, the cheapest romantic place, the best pizza, the best enchilada. This takes up time and is, well, boring after weeks of chats. 3) Tom alluded to this in one of his answers: anonymous people post anonymous stuff about restaurants. If he chooses to include it, it is on the internet for everyone to see. 4) I've sent plenty of responses he hasn't included. I work at Citronelle. There has been plenty of anonymous bashing of us done during the chat the I have not been able to answer- because of the Post editor, the slow server, or Tom. It is not really a "chat" if a third party is deciding which questions or statements can be made and which answers are allowed to follow. How fair do you think this is? I'm curious. Mark Slater, Sommelier, Michel Richard Citronelle http://www.CitronelleDC.com BTW, My first post. Hello Everybody!!
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