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  1. Nice! Can't wait to see the final product.
  2. Because I realize I am not alone in my addiction: #20 Griswold Cast Iron, #89 Jambon-Beurre
  3. In midtown: Katsu-hama for noodles. Yakitori Totto for best chicken ever.
  4. My mother and I will spend 2 weeks in Berlin, May 21-June 3. We'll be all over the city visiting museums and architectural high points, and staying near the Tiergarten off Kurfürstendam. Is there anything seasonal we should be looking for? Is it herring and asparagus time? Spring beers? And I know this is horribly general, but I've got nothing as far as restaurant recommendations; I tend to dismiss the guidebook picks out of hand (for no good reason, I'm sure). Something we would only find in Berlin? Something echt Deutsche? I promise to report back. Danke!
  5. Welcome, OrionChef, I think you've found your people. Count me as another plastic container hoarder. That really can't be justified with the label "collecting." The hot sauces, on the other hand, can.
  6. Allentown Brewworks Bay Leaf Grille 3501 In ascending order of priciness... I've had very good to excellent meals at all three.
  7. This just seems really wasteful to me. Wouldn't Whole Foods do better not buying the fish in the first place? Their suppliers would get the message directly. If they're relying on their customers' voices to reinforce the point, why not just put up a sign "We are no longer purchasing this fish because it's unsustainably harvested/etc." and harness the outcry?
  8. Well, thank God for that. The food looks delicious, but the blow-by-blow seemed more muted than your previous reports! Great job--you all rock.
  9. I was delighted with the excellent food at Tiny Thai on Main Street in Winooski. I had Som Tam and yellow curry with shrimp. Both were very fresh tasting, and very nicely balanced in flavors. The waitress warned me that the yellow curry was sour, as indeed it was, and delicious. Menu Pic
  10. Margo

    Wu Yuan

    Beautiful travelogue, Erin. How nice to visit a place where you're never far from an excellent meal!
  11. La Tienda has a line of products linked to El Bulli. Never used them myself. La Tienda Texturas
  12. Margo

    Pot Roast Recipe?

    Yours sounds delicious. Just for comparison, here's what I did on Sunday, more of an Irish theme than French, worked well for us: Rubbed a 4.75 lb. cross-cut chuck roast with kosher salt, black pepper, dry mustard, paprika, ground celery seed, and garlic powder. Browned the chuck on two sides in a cast-iron skillet, in veg. oil, about 7 min/side Removed the chuck, turned down the heat, and threw in the pan one onion and two carrots in large dice, and one whole peeled garlic clove. Salted lightly, and sauteed a few minutes. Deglazed the pan with 2 12 oz. bottles Guinness Stout. Added about 1 C dark veal stock. The liquid came about halfway up the roast. Added the chuck back in, with one bay leaf and 1/2 t dried thyme, a little more salt, and brought the liquid to a boil. Covered the pan and placed it in a 250 deg. F oven for about 4 hours, turning every hour or so. When the meat was fully tender, I removed the chopped vegetables with a slotted spoon. I added 6 med. red potatoes (peeled) and 5 carrots, peeled and halved crosswise. Covered the pan again, put it back in the oven for about 45 min or until the vegs are done, turning the vegs once. The sauce was very liquidy. Given more time one could remove the meat and vegs to a plate, keep them warm, and reduce the sauce while adding some beurre manie or a slurry of water and flour and simmering until the raw flour taste cooks off. But we'd been bathed in the aroma for hours, and were too hungry to get fancy.
  13. I've been buying more and more of Wegman's (northeastern US supermarket chain) store brand products: their petite-diced canned tomatoes for Del Monte, for instance (They have a house-brand canned San Marzano tomatoes, too!), and their foil rather than Reynolds wrap. Everyone has been happy, so far. I'm loyal to: King Arthur flour and Tiparos fish sauce. And probably a couple other things I can't think of. But not many.
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