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  1. When taking pictures, use natural light whenever possible. If you have an iphone use the "portrait" feature and shoot from above.
  2. Hi Sorry to jump in on an old conversation. When you put the bonbons in layers do you put parchment paper in between layers before refrigerating and freezing? - I have a few snapwares and wanted to maximize the space.
  3. You may be completely right! I have cleaning an polishing too 😊
  4. Thanks for the great suggestions. I need 160 bonbons painted like soccer balls and only have 6 semi-sphere molds (24 cavities each) so freezing them would be amazing and timesaver!
  5. Thank you! Freezing is a great idea!
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum. It is nice to meet you all. For August I have 2 big custom chocolate jobs and would love to know if I can paint the molds with tempered cocoa butter weeks in advance and then shell, fill, cap, at the last minute? Will the paint hold and be shiny and beautiful? Thanks in advance
  7. Maybe the white chocolate was out of temper or a little too hot that may it very fluid? Same thing happened to me with milk chocolate the other day and that was the reason
  8. Tiffany B


    I use my Blendtec to make praline paste and use this recipe - https://livingsweetmoments.com/hazelnut-gianduja-squares-tutorial/
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