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  1. @SchiehallionHandmade Interesting! I will have to research them now
  2. I’m following up to say I tried again with a reduced amount of oil, and slightly finer grind on the crisps my only trouble now is technique finesse as I still get some air bubbles (practice practice practice) thank you all so much for your input and sharing your expertise
  3. @pastrygirl Right?! That’s part of why this is stumping me.
  4. @teonzo I tried to scrape one off and taste it but it was too small for me to discern any particular flavor, but they did occur over crispy bits which may give credence to the salt/moisture hypothesis, since when salt water dries it looks white (right?) I’m wondering if I pulse everything a little bit finer if I’ll have this same problem. That’s my next step anyway.
  5. @blue_dolphin I love those bars so much. I started making these bars for myself because of them! I think Chuau also does a bread crumb bar with panko
  6. @pastrygirl and @Jim D. Honestly I hadn’t considered how much oil may be coming off the crumbs but it makes sense. I will have to rethink this process. And yes- the journey is half the joy, isn’t it? ☺️
  7. They taste great- no remarkable off flavors. Water does not dissolve it 😕 ... hmm edited to say I just took a wet brush to it and brushed it over and over and it has come off what does that mean? Is it some form of sugar bloom? Is there such a thing as salt bloom?
  8. By the way the picture example has been handled quite a bit so it’s looking very sad in addition to all it’s imperfections
  9. Hello, I’m new to egullet. I’m a pastry professional but an amateur chocolatier. I’ve been teaching myself about chocolate at home, mostly through trial and error. I’ve got this bar that is stumping me and was hoping you all might have some input. It starts with a layer of tempered dark chocolate, with bread crumbs that have been browned in olive oil and Maldon salt sprinkled over it, then another layer of tempered chocolate over it. About 75% of them all come out with some kind of bloom on them, but a few have these bright white spots that I can’t explain. My guess is maybe the Maldon is attracting moisture? The spots seem to appear within a few hours. The front of the bar has the white spots that mystify me, the back has the random bloom spots. Any ideas??
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