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  1. Beyond the food saver type system, any suggestions on how to seal a box of molded/filled chocolates to help extend self life? Any systems that aren’t too costly for a someone just starting out to make hobby to business jump?
  2. Thanks. I’ve just been using air to blow excess cocoa butter out at end but wanted to make sure I wasn’t creating an potentially environment for something to grow or contaminate anything.
  3. I have a Husky HVLP sprayer that I bought at Home depot on advice. Works well for my small volume needs. My question is how do you guys clean them? I was made aware that cocoA butter can go rancid, so any suggestions on what to use and technique to clean this sprayer? A friend suggested Steamine tablets. I’m still at the high end hobbyist- trying to become more than a hobby stage so I’m not familiar with these. Any advice? Thanks. Soleil
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