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  1. I'm doing 25%. I will try it with less the next time I make them.
  2. Thanks! It could very well be that I am making too much caramel. I will experiment with lesser amounts.
  3. Thanks Teo. I should have said that I was already doing that. I just have to imagine that companies doing this at a large scale aren't separating them by hand. If I knew how they were doing it, maybe I could figure out a small scale implementation of that process.
  4. I've started making chocolate-covered candied nuts (almonds & hazelnuts, currently). They're great and pretty popular, but separating the nuts after caramelization is the worst! There has to be a better way than doing it by hand. Does anyone have any tips for improving this process? How do larger scale producers do it at scale? I've searched and searched but haven't been able to find anything helpful. Thanks in advance!
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