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  1. I use ice chipper, works well for me... Exactly like this one.
  2. To be honest I am quite surprised how many people is not that keen on the colour. To me, it is all right 😁
  3. Thank you for your reply, I think I will try it although I am wondering whether they offer good number of pralines, bonbons etc recipes. I emailed them asking whether it is possible to get a detailed list of recipes available but no reply at all. Anyway, our bonbons are truly georgeous 🙂
  4. EllaCh

    Name that mold!

    I think this could be the mould you want: http://jkvnl.com/index.php/en/duck-duggy
  5. Minas6907, you should be. Your chocolates look beautiful. May I ask what you think of Savour School? Do you find their online videos good?
  6. The method is exactly the same for solid bars and filled chocolate. It is done like Keychris says: clean mould, cocoa nibs or other stuff, a bit of tempered chocolate poured over it to keep it in the mould and then when that chocolate starts setting the whole process of filling the cavities and turning upside down can be done. Yes, I agree there is a chance some bits can fall off but I recon the chance is very little if it is done correctly. We did Easter eggs that were not solid, excess chocolate was poured out in exactly the same way the moulded bonbons were made and we didn't have an pieces falling off. So I do believe that's the way those filled chocolates were made.
  7. Not necessarily. We did Easter eggs in a similar way during my workshop in Callebaut Chocolate Academy. We didn't pour any chocolate before adding cocoa nibs, small pieces of nuts and other stuff. The trick is not to add too much of that stuff and everything is fine. It doesn't fall with the excess chocolate. However, if there is too thick layer of whatever is used for decoration it will fall off after unmoulding. Hope that makes sense? Here is the link to pistachio tablet and it is done in the same way: https://www.callebaut.com/en-MDLE/chocolate-recipe/1995/pistachio-velvet-tablet
  8. EllaCh

    Teal Hearts

    Georgeous 😍
  9. One of the UK sellers has a product specification and according to it Ruby callets contain: "Typical composition sugar 35.5%; cocoa butter 29.5%; skimmed milk powder 16.5%; whole milk powder 12.5%; cocoa mass 4.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; acid: citric acid <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1% "
  10. I like Callebaut's Velvet. Not as sweet as some other white chocolates.
  11. I have got some Ruby chocolate (callets from Callebaut, obviously) and moulded some sample bars for my friends. One person didn't like it at all (spat it out, to be truthful), one person said it tasted like white chocolate with added fruits but majority was happy with its taste and colour. Personally, I like it, it is very fruity but it is not "chocolatey enough" if that makes sense. Sorry the picture is not the best.
  12. Hello, I am wondering of anyone tried Lubeca chocolates? What are they like comparing to Cacao Barry and Callebaut? Thank you for all opinions 🙂
  13. Hello, my name is Ella. I am a hobbyist chocolate maker and I hope I will find lots of usefull informations here.
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