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  1. Temperature Guide Just wanted to post this handy temperature guide from the Support tab of the PolyScience Control Freak site. According to the guide, for garlic (I assume onions are similar), sweating is at 230F, browning occurs for temperatures greater than 248F.
  2. My condo's kitchen sockets accept both 'normal' and this Nema 5-20 type plug. Looks like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:NEMA_5-20RA_GFCI_Tamper_Resistant_Receptacle.jpg I'm guessing the adapter doesn't do anything electrically except change the electrical plug shape.
  3. Old review but gave me some ideas what to cook with the Control Freak: https://www.wired.com/2016/04/review-breville-polyscience-control-freak/
  4. It's great for reheating but I think I need to read Modernist Cuisine to understand when I should be using the steam settings. There's some Control Freak recipes on the PolyScience website: http://www.recipes.polyscienceculinary.com/recipe-category/control-freak/ Lo and behold, my kitchen sockets can take Nema 5-20 plugs that the Canadian version of the Control Freak comes with.
  5. Ugh. I highly second this sentiment. I also own a Cuisinart CSO steam oven because of this forum.
  6. The Control Freak temperature chart puts 248-275F for pancakes. Your temperature and timing seem to come from this PolyScience video:
  7. Doing a bit of math: Heat_capacity_water * mass * change_temperature / power = time 4.18J/g/K * 2000g * 75K / 1800W = 350 seconds = 5.8 minutes This is assuming everything is 100 percent efficient. I'd say you're doing okay.
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