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  1. thank you very much. :) all equipment to do large batches of bread are there. i already make 200 pounds of bread. i wanted to change one of bread recipes though. its irish soda bread so i wasnt sure how that would convert to such a large batch. as far as the dessert buffet i guess i was looking more for just some new ideas. eveything i make now goes in full sheet pans.

  2. im new to baking professionally and need help converting recipes for large scale baking. like turning bread recipes into 200 pound batches. also recipes for a 500 person dessert buffet.  I have heard somethings about the amount of leavener  like baking soda needing to be changed. im also trying to understand the bakers percentage and the effects on dough being mixed in a large mixer instead by hand as a lot of home recipes call for. any help would very apperciated




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