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  1. Recently I came across a site called Broquet while searching the internet and they have a few items that I was interested in but mainly two. The site is geared toward men, with certain gifts that appeal to the human male. Anyway, maybe some here have already heard about it or has already been mentioned here etc. either way I just wanted to mention it here. I purchased two different kits. The first kit, called The Gentleman and Scholar, is specifically for those who like or are interested in Old Fashion Cocktails. The second kit called The Whiskey Sour Mash Cocktail Set, is specifically for making Whiskey Sour cocktails. Check out the site yourself: https://www.broquet.co/collections/cocktail-and-bar-sets
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, very much appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is "anyone" here that knows how to make a particular cocktail known as a "Turkish Lemonade"? If so could you please share a detailed recipe on exactly how it's made with specific's on which liquors and ingredients are used or needed, etc.? I've searched online for it but could not find anything specifically on cocktails for Turkish Lemonade, just plain different types of lemonade on how to make them. Thank you in advance for your time and response.
  4. Hello everyone! Here are a few bottles of Rye Whiskey 🥃 that I have collected so far, that is to my own personal taste. Definitely don’t consider myself an expert on “any type of whiskey, spirits, etc.” just from what I have tried out. Still have to get a few other Rye Whiskies 🥃 that are currently on my list to try out. Old Fashion cocktails are one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy and I feel that the best type of Old Fashion made is with a good Rye Whisky 🥃
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