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    Dinner 2019

    Sounds like a keeper recipe for you 😀 ... my guys don’t mind a little sweet for sure - thanks for the heads up! I will try it next time I pull a loin out of the freezer (probably this weekend).
  2. CatIsHungry

    Dinner 2019

    This looks delicious, @JoNorvelleWalker! Husband and son eat a lot of pork (I do a tenderloin with a honey / maple glaze / cherries) but I think I will give this one a try.
  3. Really glad to hear he is doing so much better and has such great results - fantastic work! I cannot remember if I purchased these at H-Mart or at my local grocery but these rice noodles are gluten free ... (h-mart does shop online if you need - or I’m certain you could find them on Amazon) ...you also have the option (possibly of soba noodles or glass noodles ... good luck!
  4. CatIsHungry


    That was a very interesting article about them @chromedome - thanks for posting it.
  5. This has been interesting - thanks everyone! Personally, I love almost all tomatoes - but that color is a little off-putting. @JoNorvelleWalker your dinner looks delicious! LOL @liuzhou if only I could say there were something I am not telling y’all about my true identity (of course, then I’d be branded a big fat pants on fire liar) - alas - I am just a poor commoner ☺️
  6. Hi @JeanneCake - Yes! Ripening in the oven solves all of your “I want to make banana bread / cake / something now, darn it” problems! Here’s what I do - Preheat oven to 300 degrees F I get out a rimmed baking sheet - lay down a sheet of parchment (the bananas can get leaky) - place X # of bananas (with peel on) on them - leave a little space between them - inch and a half at least - place in pre-heated oven - wait until skin is black and shiny - take them out - they’re all done! Timing will depend on how ripe (or not ripe) they are and your oven, of course ... Good very ripe bananas with some green on them has taken me as long as 45 mins Bananas I bought and left on the tree that have ‘started to turn’ - but aren’t banana bread ready (have some black on them) - have taken as little 15-20 minutes ... It does work for ripe - unripe - in-between - want “more ripe” - it does bring out more (I don’t know how to say this “banana flavor / sugar / syrup / fructose “ ? - in my opinion it really enhances the flavor of the bread and I end up using less sugar in the recipe. Hope this helps! Cat
  7. @heidih and @cdh - have you tried them? What is their flavor ? LOL cdh - yes - I have seen quite the variety of tomatoes and yes again- these black tomatoes were quite expensive (especially for something I gave a first glance thinking Oh noooo ) ... Thanks for the link @heidih - I am a plebe 😉 LOL
  8. Was doing some shopping the other day and saw black tomatoes - first thought was, “Oh, that’s no good” - I backed up for a closer look and realized Oh no - they’re supposed to be that way ! Heh whoops 😳 I do a fair amount amount of produce shopping in various markets / stands / etc - at least I thought I did ... never seen them before! How far behind the produce times am I? I would have have gotten a photo but it was the one day of course I didn’t have my phone with me 😞
  9. CatIsHungry

    Kid food

    Well, @Attorneymrs I feel for you - never an easy thing feeding the kiddos - we need to pick our battles for sure, but at the same time, we want to make sure they’re healthy enough enough to fight them! 😉 Like you’ve already said, you’ve gotten a lot of great advice here - so here’s my suggestion - kids will often follow what the older sibling will do - you said the 4yr old will often eat veggies when eating out ... so you fear it may be the way you’re cooking them ... look up a couple of “copycat” recipes and give them a go and see how it turns out ! You don’t have much to lose 🙂 Hopefully when the 1yr old sees the 4yr old eating the veggies he will follow suit. Often - if you ask a kid - You are this at so and so - what’s wrong with Moms? - they are so brutally honest (yours is too crunchy!) ... and maybe invite him into the kitchen (for age appropriate helping) for next time - and make it ... Good luck - I mean that - keep us updated on your endeavors and don’t be afraid to ask for help - as you’ve seen the people here are so very helpful.
  10. hi Shelby - I love using buttermilk, too! Are you drying your gizzards after the soak? - Dry - coat - egg (if using) - coat again - fridge maybe 30mins to an hour (if you have time) - then fry ...
  11. Well, this might sound a little counter-intuitive, but don’t move too slow - the slower you move to try to “make it look as nice as possible” the clunkier it will end up in the end ... the faster you move tends for a nicer more even flow - hold the bag straight up and down two handed (for steadiness) directly above your surface and just write. Try cutting a smaller hole, also - looks a little thick for writing. Does your client want print or cursive?
  12. Hi TicTac - I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s diagnosis 😞 but I’m glad you were able to catch it early—that is a blessing. The zucchini puree sounds great - don’t forget about butternut squash and also pumpkin 🙂 Sweet potatoes ... pumpkin pancakes would be great!? .. sweet potatoes - wait ... does this mean he gets all the sweet potato pie he wants?! 😉 Have you learned of Coconut Aminos, yet? (not all are the same- be sure to check out Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos - they have a few diff sauces and products - sauces do not taste like coconut - don’t know about other products). Does he have any food intolerances along with his celiacs (very common for that to happen)? Almond flour is great - also coconut flour (can be a little dry) - liberal use of bananas - Coconut Aminos works well in many applications (kind of a soy sauce replacement but tons less sodium / definitely worth a try - they have 3 varieties ) ... crushed rice Chex is a reliable breading (sound weird, but it works and it’s reliably GF -esp if you’re low tolerance gluten) ... I have more, but I am so not used to staying up this late so my brain isn’t functioning well ... if any of this is helpful, let me know - I’ll post more tomorrow.
  13. Ha! Gooey pancakes are bane of breakfast, aren't they? ☺️ I love coconut - oh how I love it - and miss it so! (one of the things I can't eat anymore - the absolute horrors!) I guess about a month ago? I found a recipe on the internet for almond flour / coconut flour pancakes that were actually FLUFFY and STAYED fluffy! I thought they were lying - they were not lying. Pretty basic keto? type recipe - 2/3c Almond Flour and 1/3c Coconut Flour - 3 eggs and 1/2 - 3/4c milk of choice - of course you can add vanilla, cinnamon, etc ... standard stuff - combine dry - combine wet - minimal mix of course - let rest ... I wish I could remember where I found it so I could credit it - hubby and son really enjoyed it - you could add some sugar or sweetener but it was naturally slightly sweet on it's own blah blah blah ... for my regular pancakes - I add about 2tsp of baking soda and let it rest - nice and fluffy! fluffy fluffy! and I know this sounds a little goofy, but I always mix melted butter in with the slightly cold milk when I mix so the butter kind hardens back up- when I cook the pancakes, I end up with nice little pockets of butter *sigh* ...
  14. Let us know how it works out! Out of curiosity ~ do you blacken (ripen) your bananas in the oven? I do when I make banana bread ~ makes them ripen fast (not a super secret) but they seem extra ~ juicy? and I get a better result than the freezer - I am totally convinced (I have convinced myself) it's the secret to my banana bread ☺️
  15. Substituting with almond flour is sometimes easy - sometimes not ... it’s much fattier, so you’re going to have a lighter, fluffier result - and baking with wheat flour is going to give you a heavier result ... Starting off - I would make a 1/4 cup sub ... and see how your results go from there. A LOT of paleo websites use almond flour recipes (I guess they are supposed to be tried and true?) I also know if you make any sort of crumb topping (like for coffee cake) - makes a wonderful wonderful crumb topping! Not to mention an incredibly light coffee cake. You can use it in many things, though - cakes - muffins - quick breads - bread breads - pancakes and it’s delicious.
  16. My hubs went on a fishing trip to AK several years ago - great time was had! Many salmon were caught! (many) also Halibut ... he shipped home 145lbs of salmon (cleaned /filleted) and 50lbs of cleaned / filleted Halibut ... we gave away many pounds and we ate many pounds ... many many pounds ... he has not eaten Salmon or Halibut since ... a tragedy. When I was able to still eat fish - I would eat the heck out of Salmon - love it! Every time hubs even smells it, though - he gets a little green.
  17. CatIsHungry

    Ice Cream!

    Have you thought about pulverizing some freeze dried strawberries to bump up the flavor? (of course it will affect the color, so blah blah blah etc)
  18. CatIsHungry

    Breakfast 2019

    That just looks ridiculously, mouth-wateringly delicious!
  19. Cooking my way through the freezer! The other night I found a 10lb - 11lb pork butt we bought on sale for $.89/lb so I pulled that out and rubbed it and loved it with my special pork rub ... the butt rewarded my love with fork tender, juicy goodness ... (thank goodness my son comes by, eats and takes home a large portion of leftovers) ... While I was in the freezer - I made some selection of venison and hog (this time of year we have a ridiculous amount of both in the freezer - a variety of cuts and a variety of sausage) - so I will cook my selections this week - exactly how, yet I have not decided - but I'll have to decide soon :o) ... I will probably take it easy one day this week and slice up a smoked venison sausage w/jalapeno - light layer of cheese on top of thin'ish pizza dough - roll it up and bake.
  20. @suzilightning wow - your potlucks must have been fantastic! (that may sound sarcastic, but in no way is it sarcastic). It's a shame I missed The Dish this morning ~ I will have to look up Ann Kim / Young Joni - sounds really interesting as you said - kind of a little hard to picture ~ MN / Korean - so I'm really interested to see.
  21. Thanks for the recommends, Suzi! I will definitely put them on my reading list ~ sounds very much up my alley ... growing up eating aand cooking with my mom - then going to meet my husband's family one day (they lived in a small town in TX) and my big surprise at the spread they laid out for my visit LOL -- the huge amounts of food and variety were not that different from what I grew up with - but oh boy! - was not used to all the butter and cream gravy and battered and fried etc etc - but they were and are such wonderful people :o) - still - little bit of a shock ! I've never tried tried it, but I think you can shop online with H-Mart ;o) (I'm saying this like you don't already know that)
  22. I know this is an old thread, but I ran across it perusing the board and it just about stopped me in my tracks. *sigh* I lost my mom when I was 30 (she was born in Seoul - came to the US in the mid 60's, leaving her family there) ... I grew up in a half Korean half westernized house - I ate Korean food with my mom every day - almost every meal - cooked with her - learned from and so on. My sister took the opposite rroad and ate mostly American food. I am lucky enough to have to an H-Mart about 20-25 minutes away in Plano and I go about every couple of weeks. I have a love / hate thing going on with going in there LOL - reminds me so much of my mom ~ and even though it's been 20yrs - it still guts me every time. And how many times I've walked through there and thought, "Oh mom would love this! I've got to call her!" But the wonderful memories the smells throughout HMart also evoke - those ... *sigh* I love going there ...
  23. Well along the lines of Oreos - for the last couple of weeks, I've been buying my (fully grown) son a box of 5? Oreos Cream Eggs every weekend (to compete with Cadbury Creme Eggs) ... he's not a huge Oreos fan (unless iit's the Vanilla cookie Oreo) - but he does love these eggs. He was not a big fan of the Cadbury Eggs but he did say that Cadbury eggs could go - uhh - get lost. Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Cream filling w/cookie bits. I get them at WalMart Grocery.
  24. Katie, I did a TON of research before replacing my Zo - all reports led back to buy the Made in Japan and buy the Made In Japan only - especially if you use it frequently and expect / want any longevity out of it. That's my two cents - take it for what you think its worth - hope it helps. As for the Micom / fuzzy logic - someone much more technical than I will have to chime in about that - sorry :-/ CAT
  25. Late last year, I had to replace a dying (not dead, mind you) 24 year old Zo with the original pot (always hand washed and never washed rice in the pot). Pot itself is still in great shape! Machine is on the fritz - sometimes it will cook - sometimes it won't - I use it almost every day - kind of can't work with a fritzy cooker :o) Replaced it with a little baby Zo and a bigger Mama Zo (5.5C and 10C - I eat a lot of rice). Love the new fuzzy logic - cooks much better rice. Quality of the pans? ehh - might want to go ahead and get your replacement pot now :o) - the much much older pots were much thicker and had a much thicker teflon? coating -- these new pots are not and don't. I put a very light surface scratch in my pot just stirring my rice the first week I got it and I wasn't even "digging down"! :-/ Now I'm super super careful. Yes, I was using the rice paddle that came with it :o) HTH CAT
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